Covet House

Who we are

Covet House is the most powerful tool to enhance creativity among design community.

We aim to encourage brands, products and professionals to work together with one single purpose: to boost inspiration around the world. How? By helping them in every single stage of the creative design process.
Covet House offers a curated selection of design pieces from the world’s top brands, distinct materials and tools, specialized marketing and recognition. Bespoke services are provided by a team of highly trained designers spread in more than X countries. We give choices.

In one hand, brands will grow through a special marketing plan. We empower them with the ultimate awareness channels and the opportunity to be part of innovative projects. All along with other international renowned brands.

On the other hand, interior design professionals will be inspired from the beginning to the end when conceiving each design project. Fresh insights for different styles, the best tools to develop their work, the finest range of products to chose. And, most of all, an experienced team of ambassadors that will help to finish the projects on time and within the highest quality standards.

The project was created by Designers and Marketeers with a unique insight on the Interior and Product Design industry and a large experience acquired through their work in projects all over the world.

A new design era has come and you are invited to step in.

Our values

Covet House inspires and delivers design to all design enthusiasts. We love challenges. We dream about gather the greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers, press or just design lovers for the greatest celebration of design.