Decobel srl

Who we are

In the mid-1960s, the Bellandi family’s passion for medium-to-top-of the range wool yarns and fabrics took shape in the foundation of Bellandi SpA, now among the most familiar, reliable names on the Italian fashion scene, with clients ranging from major distribution chains to the best-known brands in the sector. Thanks to their sharp entrepreneurial skills and enthusiasm for new challenges, over the recent seasons the Bellandi family have embarked upon a variety of stimulating adventures, such as the acquisition of several lines of textiles and the creation of Decobel. Established in 2001 in Prato, in the heart of Tuscany, Decobel is a benchmark for both the Italian and international luxury textile market. Adopting an innovative approach to a tradition stretching back to the mid-19th century, Decobel creates modern fabrics in line with contemporary tastes, and the hallmarks of the label are the timeless elegance and exquisite Italian craftsmanship of its creations, shaped under the guidance of art director Gabriele Guidoni.

Decobel creates unique items, conceived to embellish refined private settings, as well as for contract and hotel and catering projects. The highly distinctive, expressive power of the firm’s creations springs from the alchemy produced by the combination of outstanding attention to detail and an innovative weaving technique. This sophisticated take on Italian craftsmanship and design combines subtle nuances and trompe l’oeil effects able to capture the light and impart brushstrokes of colour that bring a prestigious allure to the setting.

The added value of Decobel lies in its manufacturing ability, which sets it apart from the classic figure of the textile design firm, which usually has to work with an external company that produces its creations. Since Decobel is able to produce most of its fabrics in-house, using its own weaving equipment, it is able to control and personally vouch for each stage of the design and production process, from the purchase of the yarns through to the sophisticated finishing techniques. A further advantage of manufacturing its own textiles is the possibility to offer customers a virtually unlimited range of colours, which can be customised even for small orders, to be established on a case-by-case basis.

Decobel’s outstanding skills have earned the brand a solid reputation, and the firm is well-known and widely used by top interior designers, architects and decorators to create projects that are a smooth blend of value, function and beauty.

Our values


Each Decobel creation is skilled craftsmanship at its most sublime; a new concept of luxury that blends tradition and history with elegance and unparalleled style. Hand-crafted fabrics and velvet embrace the most exclusive furnishings, bringing a new approach to elegance every time. 


Decobel makes its own special contribution to the “Made in Italy” brand, combining bespoke craftsmanship with the experience of one of the most widely renowned textile manufacturing districts in the world.


A rich, refined sense of elegance that embraces contemporary luxury: Decobel embellishes fine furnishings with outstandingly prestigious materials and the utmost attention to detail. Bespoke creations and a wide range of tailor-made solutions to decorate every area of the home.


Decobel represents the world of fabrics and the timeless beauty they embody with a savoir faire rooted in emotion, without neglecting the importance of research, the technical analysis of the materials and the weaving process, making innovation an intrinsic feature of its corporate philosophy.