Who we are

EFFISUS - Excellence in Weatherproofing Solutions

1 - Facade integrated weatherproofing solutions.

2 - Innovative Outperforming Solutions - Outperforming solutions for day-to-day challenges of every project.

3 - Roof integrated weatherproofing solutions.

Supported by our extensive consulting services, we offer a wide range of air and watersealing solutions for roofs, facades.

We aim to lead the development and commercialization of sustainable and efficient solutions for the construction industry, investing in long-term strategic partnerships with global reference partners. The result of such partnerships is the presence of Effisus in different continents, and its participation in globally renown projects, such as the Dublin International Airport, the Glasgow Arena in Scotland, the Orleans and Beauvais Hospitals in France and the Salalah Airport in Oman.

Our values

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide excellence in weatherproofing solutions for the building construction segment, with a key focus on optimizing to the needs of each project. We aim to leverage strong partnerships in order to achieve efficient sustainability from start to finish. We will eagerly get involved and be proud of what we do.

2020 vision:

We aim to be the first option for weatherproofing solutions on every targeted, high-end project.