Eleanor Home

Who we are

Eleanor Home was born out of Sune Jehrbo’s desire to design genuinely durable products rather than merely fashionable ones.
Drawing on over 15 years of experience in brand development, graphic design, and interior decoration, he wanted to breathe new life into classic home furnishings.

In a career that has straddled both the fashion and design industries, Sune has worked on everything from the interiors of a chain of fashionable coffee shops to letterheads for the Danish Royal family and TV ads. Self-taught, his talents as a graphic artist and his untiring curiosity about materials, forms, and structures, have given him a different approach to design from the one he might have gained at one of Denmark‘s world famous design colleges.

His love of well-crafted lighting, furniture and accessories is manifest in a collection that mixes industrial and traditional designs. What is important is not the era – whether it be North American retro or classic – but that the designs have stood the test of time because of their proven functionality. Colour is critical, as are clean lines. Eleanor Home is a very personal and creative company – embodying Sune’s own distinct style.

Our values

Danish design, high quality, fast delivery and flexibility

We are proud of our unique, lasting and durable designs, that will be treasured now and for years to come. In order to ensure the high quality, fast delivery and flexibility that our clients expect, we are always privileging handmade manufacturing as well as European suppliers with highly skilled craftsmen and many years of experience within their domain.Nothing leaves our assembly facilities without a thorough quality check. As a result, the number of returned goods is close to zero and reflects the high quality that we stand for.

Our presence around the world