Essential Home

Who we are

Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian retro design. Its mid-century modern lines merge from important historical references from the ‘30s to the 60’s.
The harmony of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, high and low, is integral to the brand’s sense of style. The brand deals with different, intimate and cozy ambiances that express elegance and luxury. Conveyed by the use of high-quality materials, Essential Home pieces have a mid-century modern signature that makes it irresistible to us all.

Our values

Essential Home began as a furniture collection by DelightFULL, a lighting design brand. However, the unique style and concept of the pieces inspired the designers to create its own name and, thus, Essential Home was born.
“Soon we understood that this collection had a mind of its own. Essential Home eclectic style inspired us to create more and more. We couldn’t keep it inside doors anymore” said one of the designers involved in the creation of this retro high-end universe. The brand turned into a 50’s and 60’s world of inspiration where bestsellers such as the Monocles Sideboard played an important role in setting the retro mood that was going to serve as a stepping stone for the newcomer brand.

Our presence around the world