Who we are

EuroCave, mastering time...

EuroCave, creator of wine cabinets and cellars, offers long term, premium solutions for wine preservation and service that respect the wine maker’s intentions and enable faithful communication of these same intentions to demanding and discerning consumers.

The art of conservation and service contributes to enhancing the passionate experience related to wine, and is a part of the French art of living, synonymous with refinement and excellence.


Established in 1976, EuroCave invented the wine cabinet. This was a major innovation which contributed to transforming passion for wine into an art of living.


EuroCave defends and shares the values of French elegance and know-how. This position is behind its choice of producing in France, as confirmed by the «Origine France» label.


Cultivating excellence, EuroCave is the brand favoured by dedicated amateurs and the leading wine waiters in the most prestigious restaurants alike. It offers all wine lovers, the highest level of performance in the best adapted conditions to new ways of experiencing wine.

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Our values


The EuroCave principles:
- respect for individuals (employees,
wine makers, amateurs and professionals)
- respect for the environment
- long term viability of its solutions


EuroCave has developed over the years through the drive and commitment of men and women who share a love of wine and for whom the art of conservation and service must be dedicated to the wine itself, to those who made it and to those who own it.


The history of EuroCave highlights a drive towards excellence through innovation. EuroCave is committed to a continuous creative process that enables it to imagine solutions which will inspire uses related to the conservation and service of wine. In scientific terms this is represented by a number of registered patents and partnerships with leading research laboratories.


EuroCave places design at the service of the gesture and of elegance, ensuring that the ergonomics of its solutions, analysed alongside wine waiters, ensure simple and efficient use. The choice of shapes, materials and colours create a refined atmosphere, paying tribute to the wine.

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