Who we are

Euromax International BV is the holding company for its brandname of catering equipment produced and worldwide delivered by Womax BV.
We have production facilities in Italy and Holland. 
The main headoffice is in Holland, where Womax BV is involved with the export.
Deliveries can be made from our warehouse in Holland. For larger (container load) volumes, shipments can be made from Italy.
We cooperate with collecting orders from several suppliers, to support import by full container and make shipments more efficient.

Womax BV has a long history in the world of catering equipment, exist since 1978 and has a big experience in production and export.
We meet every demand of customers where we can, and are wellknown for our reliability and long term relationships!

We look forward to meet you as our new customer and are thankful for the long friendly relationships we have with our existing appreciated partners.

Maxim van der Plank
CEO Euromax by Womax BV

Our values

Euromax is the registered trademark for the catering equipment which is produced by Womax BV.

Our goal is that our trademark Euromax is represented in European and overseas countries by limited importers.
In some countries we work on exclusive base with importers for our Euromax catering equipment, in other countries we have several dealers to spread our market.

Besides our products under Euromax brandname, you shall find our items under other private label trademarks.