Who we are

Always in the avant-garde of the customer relationship. A task forces full of ideas, always in the fact of the design, materials and the current novelties and to come!

A conjugation of experiences

Initially turned, in the creation a decade ago, to the layout of spaces bound to the sport, to the fitness and to the well-being, GEKIPS since extrapolated its know-how with many more business sectors. With an experience diversified everyday life practicing as well in a public frame as private, GEKIPS is able of bringing you a precious help in the elaboration and the layout has a practice of your spaces of cloakrooms, instruction, toilets, zones of welcome or relaxation.

A strength of advice

GEKIPS distinguishes itself from simple distributors of the market by considering that the product is always an answer to a problem. Strong of a knowledge order materials, spaces and their uses, the GEKIPS team can help you, upstream, to master and to define the problem posed in a given space and to advise to you usefully as for its general layout. Secondly, GEKIPS helps you in the choices of its material equipment and brings you a real decision-making support for all which touches the options, the materials, the colors and their harmonies.

Our values

At GEKIPS, we like speaking materials, colors, ergonomics and about all which contributes to the well-being of the public which our customers welcome, which it is about private space or not, and for every type of surface and about activity. But this debate of opinions and ideas, this advice which we lavish on the daily paper and which makes all the quality of our business connections, draws its credibility on something else than our only experience: the requirement, upstream, of an absolutely irreproachable produced referencing regarding safety standards. 

You are maybe of those who manage or get ready to open a public access building (ERP). You are all the more sensitive to these standards because you know well that the principles of ratification, the authorizations of opening, the follow-up visits rest on particularly strict criteria.

But you are doubtless also, simply worried to live in an environment which places the human being at the heart of the device of which you are responsible.

With GEKIPS, you are assured, that for our part of the project, the materials which we propose to you were strictly test and their placing on the market approved by the competent authorities.