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Who we are

Standard Hidraulica, S.A.U. is well known and respected as one of the leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and gas systems and sanitary faucets in Spain.

It's a reputation earned through a total dedication to quality, innovation and customer service that's been the hallmark of the company since it was established in the 1975.

Standard Hidraulica's  success has been derived from a commitment to a philosophy based on quality, service, investment, competitiveness and innovation.
This successful recipe has produced Standard Hidraulica's  current product portfolio that continues to go from strength to strength with product development playing a vital role in company strategy and reflecting the markets changing needs. 

As a business partner to some of the world's best known plumbing and heating suppliers, the Standard Hidraulica offers an unrivalled list of market leading product brands including Sudo fittings, SudoPress fittings,  Tectite push fit valves and fittings, SkinPress, Multistandard and TurboSkin multilayer pipes, valves and fittings,  PexPress and PEXY pex pipes, valves and fittings, Polyplumb pb pipes, valves and fittings, Polyfit pb pipes, valves and fittings, Standard Hidraulica water valves, Broen Ballorex dynamic valves for flow commissioning of cooling and heating systems, SAR and Reno radiator valves, BioFloor UFH, Boston Gas valves, WTI water treatment and Clever luxury taps.


Standard Hidraulica; S.A.U. is a subsidiary of the French international group, COMAP Group. The COMAP Group: a key generator-emitter thermal interface supplier dedicated to improving building performance. 

For over 60 years, COMAP has been building up its expertise in plumbing and air conditioning systems. Connection and control solutions by COMAP reduce overall energy consumption in buildings while optimising comfort and safety. COMAP also sells water solutions, with a wide range of taps and mixers, along with various types of non-chemical water treatment devices.

COMAP is therefore the only large-scale international industrial designer and manufacturer able to offer all thermal generator-emitter interface solutions: a wide, innovative offering developed and made in Europe in the Group's research and development offices and factories (France, Germany, Spain and Italy). It covers all market needs and can efficiently make high-performance and long-lasting bathroom & kitchen, heating and air-conditioning installations. 

COMAP is a European industrial group operating internationally. It has a sales network in over 20 countries, employs about 1000 people and is part of the Aalberts Industries Group (AI) NV which had a turnover of € 2.475 bn in 2015.

Our values

Standard Hidraulica mission is the design and manufacturing of innovative, reliable and cost-effective branded flow control solutions for the plumbing and heating industry world-wide, safeguarding valuable resources.

Standard Hidraulica values for every staff member are: Straightforward, insight, initiative and development

Straightforward means we are honest and informal when we talk to our customers. We are always available, so you can contact us whenever you need to. Challenges are overcome and delays to projects are avoided. 

Market insight and an understanding of customer needs means we speak your language. We help you to create complete and optimum solutions - every time. We give you support when you bear the responsibility for a project. 

We take the initiative when working with our customers. We act proactively, share our expertise and take responsibility for a project. When it comes to solutions, we always aim to fully meet your highest expectations. 

Development has the utmost priority at Standard Hidraulica. Since we made the very first gate valve, we have invested in the development of new products and the improvement of our existing products, for the benefit of our customers.

Standard Hidraulica vision is a continually growing company, with a strong investment in internationalization that works every day to maintain its position as a market leader and offer real answers to its current and future customers' needs.