Who we are

The brand “Heavens” has been created by a company having experience of fifteen years in manufacture of mattresses and bedroom furniture. The company is located in the central part of Latvia, in Apgulde Manor. The beauty and historical importance of this place inspires for creative and purposeful work.

“Heavens” has been around since 1998, when its operations began as bedroom furniture manufacturer. Initially the company produced solid wood bedroom furniture sets, but later also established ergonomic pocket-spring mattress factory in Latvia known as “Pils Matrači”.
Each new product development means a personal attitude towards the customer. Much attention is paid to both – the product design, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as to high-quality selection materials – all to create the bedroom as a place where to rejuvenate your body and soul.
Each bedroom collection can be supplemented with suitable lightning and textiles, making your waking up and falling asleep as beautiful as sleeping itself.

Our values


Natural materials  -  wool and cotton have provided a possibility of royal-style sleeping for thousands of years. These materials which are also renewable resources provide the most suitable conditions for sleeping. Air permeability, natural thermal regulation and hygiene are only some of the properties guaranteeing your sleep.


Sleep is one of the secrets of a healthy lifestyle. This secret will be revealed every night by every owner of “Heavens” mattress. Pocket springs of different firmness ensure ergonomic sleeping. The pocket springs operate independently, thereby providing complete support and comfort all night.


Living in the information age we experience great mental effort every day, we all need a place for undisturbed renewal. A calm, aired bedroom with calm lighting, carefully selected natural materials, comfortable mattress, beautiful bedclothes – these are components which make your bedroom the place where you may calmly fall asleep and wake up feeling fresh.

Our presence around the world