KE Outdoor Design

Who we are


KE has been designing and manufacturing arm, cassette and drop awnings, canopies, and pergolas since 1987. The Company is specialised in the design and production of shading solutions that enhance outdoor experience, up to restyling street furniture.

Owing to the wide range of products and to the rich selection of configurations, KE is able to respond to the needs of the most demanding  designers, architects, doors and windows installers, upholsterers and outdoor furnishing professionals.

KE is constantly investing in providing cutting edge products and updated know-how. Such commitment makes KE a highly proactive company as far as customised solutions are concerned, enabling them the flexibility to meet the most complex requests, and making the Company ready for future trends. The registered patents are testimony to the effective research carried out by the Company’s technical office. 

Research first involves the design and aesthetic details and second, the selection of materials to achieve functionality and durability.

Our values

Mission and Vision

Sun, rain and atmospheric agents protection for people wellness is our goal. Quality systems with unique design, in order to consolidate our global leadership.


Quality and safety are mandatory requirements for bat products. To test internally all manufactured products, in accordance to the European standard EN13561.


In order to achieve the top class wind resistance values we have updated and implemented the most restrictive certifications to all our product range. The most recent test enable us to grant our products also with resistance to water pockets.