KLAUS Multiparking GmbH

Who we are

KLAUS Multiparking has been one of the leading manufacturers of parking systems in Germany for 50 years. We have representations in 
over 80 countries worldwide. Our headquarters is in the south of Germany close to the Lake of Constance.

Our values

Quality is not a question of the price, but rather a question of long-standing experience, technical know-how and competence in service and performance. Klaus has been making car parking systems for over 30 years for the global market. And the quality has never wavered.

KLAUS Multiparking has been active on the car parking system sector since the early 60s. The product range runs from simple parking systems through to both mechanical and electronically controlled automatic parking systems. 
As a result of our long years of experience and ongoing development, the car parking systems we design and build are always state of the art. Convince yourself of the quality of our products!