Who we are

LairiaL designs and crafts ‘NEO-EBENISTRY’ MODULAR LAMPS.

Slow-made in Bordeaux. Evolving. Sustainable. Customised and Unique creations. Staging and atmosphere creating for public (hospitality, retail, office) and private areas.

NEO-ARTS AND CRAFTS: Neo-ebenistry result from an innovative and haute facture crafted work, with the MANUAL VOLUME SHAPING of the WOOD VENEERS. Three years of research have been necessary to find the right TECHNIQUE and create the appropriate HAND GESTURES ... thus contradicting the French poet Jean de la Fontaine who wrote the fable  “The Oak and the Reed”: with LairiaL, the wood bends... but does not break! This is what we call neo-ebenistry. Our woods need to be tamed, constrained, and protected: what torsion line should I choose? Should I follow the wood grain or not? Until which inflection point? Combining art work with digital technology give our lamps their ‘original’ VALUE, moreover always ‘unique’.

‘SLOW MADE IN BORDEAUX’ SPIRIT: LairiaL has been inspired by the ‘slow made’ movement introduced by the French Institut National des Métiers d’Art (National Institute for Art Craft). It is all about searching sustainable economy and “emotion” for objects, respecting time and having a responsible production in Bordeaux, France: a city open to the world, suggesting heritage and innovation. 

MODULARITY : For LairiaL, FUNCTIONALITY is as important as style. That is why our lamps are MODULAR (patented). How does it work ? a Lairial lamp is made of a neo-ebenistry LIGHTING MODULE (customised wood species and lighting signatures) who gives the style, supplemented by a CONNECTION MODULE with an electric cable (custom-made length and adjustable to any electric connection) who gives the functionality (pendant lamp alone or within a composition, table lamp, floor standing ..). The modules are connected via easy CLIP ON - CLIP OFF CONNECTORS hidden by a LAMP JEWEL. Each module is INTERCHANGEABLE so that the lamp can evolve both by style and functionality.

We craft the lamps in Bordeaux, France, UPON REQUEST with FINISHING TOUCHES. We use wood from SUSTAINABLY FORESTS and SOLVENT FREE French lacquers (A+ quality).

LairiaL serves your projects : Neo-ebenistry consultancy, conception, and craftsmanship. And also co-edition, co-branded lamps, and limited editions…

Our values

Arts & Crafts lamps.

Design & start-up spirit.

Modular lamp creator & Neo-ebenistry designer.

Tailored lamps and unique creations designed and handcrafted in Bordeaux, France.

Sustainable and ‘bio-sourced’ components, ‘locavore approach ’.

Staging and atmosphere creating for public (hospitality, retail, office) and private areas.

Voltage 230 V. Class II. IP 20. Light source E27. Approvals: CE Certification (EN60598-1 /2-1 lighting European standards). Glow Wire Tests at 650°C (LCIE test reports), in accordance with ‘public-access building’ European standards.