Modern Line

Who we are

The Modern Line concrete products are characterized by a modern style range and a vanguard in thinking about spatial arrangement. Utilizing 20 years of experience, we have created a series of concrete products that have been adapted to modern arrangements. Quality, technology and powerful minimalist design in the Scandinavian style - these are our priorities and challenges in terms of modern design. Modern Line is a solution for both public arcades, parking lots and courtyards, as well as private terraces and gardens.

Our values

In the world flooded by mass production we bet on individualism. Products made out of architectural concrete are made using hand casting technology in order to be distinguishable byquality, uniqueness and care for each, even the smallest detail.

We do not accept any CONCRETE imitations or counterfeits. Our products are 100% made out of architectural concrete.

Anti-Graffiti Protection system protects product surfaces before paint and oil sticking. Depending on intensity and age of contamination you should clean the surface using high-pressure jets and special cleaning agents.

Our architectural concrete is distinguished from others by a very smooth – subtle and satin texture. You can feel the difference!

Thanks to a new concrete formula we decreased wall thickness even to 2cm. Concrete elements with slim walls and decreased weight are an innovation on the market!