Who we are

Build on NedZink

As a passionate player in the market for rolled Titanium Zinc, NedZink is inspired each day by the demand from architects, designers and users for existing and new possibilities. This rich tradition dates back as far as 1892.

Since 1995 NedZink has been part of the leading international holding company Koramic Investment Group. Production takes place in the Dutch town of Budel-Dorplein. There are sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

As the first producer of rolled construction zinc with quality assurance according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 NedZink is a stimulator of durable and technically high quality zinc applications. As a trading partner, NedZink is an inspirer with its reliable provision of knowledge, quality and service. As a market leader in the Netherlands NedZink is a promoter of creative zinc possibilities.

Semi-finished products of titanium zinc and associated construction elements are sold under the brand names NedZink NATUREL, NedZink NOVA and NedZink NOIR, and have an excellent reputation on the market. The basic material NedZink NATUREL is titanium zinc with a smooth rolled surface for applications in roof and façade cladding, roof gutters and rainwater drainage systems.

NedZink Think Zink!

Our values

The strength of NedZink lies in the A-quality and durability of the zinc produced, and in the long-standing tradition of deliberate entrepreneurship while accepting responsibility for people and the environment. Future-oriented business management and investments in up-to-date production techniques further strengthen the market position and create room for new developments.

As a sustainable company NedZink subscribes to the Triple P of People, Planet and Profit. Making a profit may not be at the expense of people and the environment, so ultimately our planet. NedZink literally takes its raw material from the earth. Around a hundred years of developing and perfecting the production process offer the guarantee of a quality status well above European basic standards. The building material supplied by NedZink has its advantages in durability and aesthetic quality, making it impossible to imagine the construction industry today without it.

NedZink Think Zink!