Who we are

NEODKO wallcovering, is based around Lyon in France. The company produce wallpapers, wallcovering, printed canvases, fabric prints and vinyl wall tattoos, belonging to PIOLAT Group which over 30 years in textile industry.

NEODKO company use the textile approach to produce custom design and artistic wallpapers by digital printing. We print non-woven wallpaper water-based latex ink on eco-friendly grounds (PVC-free, recyclable, breathable, FSC sourced) and eco-friendly water activated Pre-pasted for easy installation and removal.

We assist you to create a specific and unique design. Our designers will find creative solution for your space in order to suit your wall decor needs. NEODKO is also the official Licensee for NLXL Wallpapers in France. We are represented by THE WALLPAPER COMPANY in United States, Miami. NEODKO strives to become South France’s leading wall decor company, for both corporate and private creative design solutions.

Our values

Neodko creates collections of wallpaper trends, covering very classic themes revisited, to very graphic and design themes. Neodko offers the possibility to customize products : - Rehabilitation of the pictures according to the customer request. - Adaptation to the desired dimensions. - Correction colors according to the specifications of the project. - Proposal of custom-made materials. Design and manufacturing realized in France.