Who we are

NLX is specialized in the design, integration and marketing of innovative LED lighting solutions for professionals.

NLX provides professional markets LED lighting turnkey solution with high added value :

■ Ensuring the highest level of economics and ROI, with lighting solutions offering high energy efficiency and long service life.
■ Highlighting areas and objects illuminated, thanks to the best color performance technologies validated by our research department, in the most demanding
■ Integrating into systems, for complete control of the integration of sensors (presence, brightness) controllers (DALI, DMX, KNX ...) and communication (LiFi, VLC, WiFi), to deliver a new connected experience and smart lighting functions.

The NLX ranges are key standards: VINEO for the world of wine, PROJECTIO and SOLEO for Sport and Industry, FLEXCREATIVE about design, BORNEO for landscapers, ALUMEO for the hotel and the service, MUSEO for the art world.

Through its research department, NLX also designs customized OEM solutions. As a true light service provider NLX provide in a
competitive way, all customers of the study of project financing solutions through the installation media and staff training.

Our values

■ Power Efficiency

■ Light Quality

■ Smart Solutions