Who we are

Since 1972, OBJECT CARPET has stood for quality, design and innovation in the commercial property sector. The courage to use a variety of colours has always characterised the company and ensured that it quickly became well known among architects. A sense of aesthetics, colour and architecture, in combination with advanced production, is expressed in elegant and unusual designs in the form of rugs, carpet tiles and fitted carpets. With over 1,200 textiles and colours as well as individual customised products, the OBJECT CARPET collection offers a unique variety for modern interiors.

Design – durable, stylish and manufactured from carefully selected, high-quality raw materials. Characteristics that customers appreciate all over the world, from Google and Microsoft, through Adidas and Marc Cain, to Porsche and Kempinski. Numerous design and corporate prizes have demonstrated OBJECT CARPET's outstanding design competence and corporate achievement; most recently, OBJECT CARPET was again listed by Ernst & Young in their "Top 50 German luxu-ry brands".

With innovative production techniques and sustainable methods of production, OBJECT CARPET moves in new directions and allows visions to become reality. OBJECT CARPET wall-to-wall and custom-cut carpets - under the name RUGX - received the evidence-based recommendation for allergy sufferers from the TÜV, and reduce atmospheric fine particulate levels (DAAB – German Allergy- and Asthma Association. Experience OBJECT CARPET's world of colour and materials in one of the company's eleven showrooms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. OBJECT CARPET textiles find their way into hotels, shops, offices and living rooms throughout the world through branches in Europe, Australia, America and the Gulf states – manufactured by OBJECT CARPET. Made in Germany.

Our values

A responsible and considerate handling of natural resources in order to protect the environment corresponds to our corporate responsibility. OBJECT CARPET complies with strict environmental directives and standards. Not only functionality and design are important to us but also the composition of our carpets. The long lifecycle of our products, from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing to waste disposal, is optimised, made more sustainable and adapted permanently to the latest future-oriented developments. 

Due to the long-term orientation and the high durability rating of our products, their lifecycle costs are extremely low, as they reach periods of use which are above average. Above all, sustainability begins with both the durability of a carpet and an efficient and conserving handling of the required energy and resources.