Paneir Ventilation

Who we are

Creating new designs, smart solutions and quality products for domestic ventilation is our aim. During the years 1998-2005 we inven-ted and developed through our designs the STAINLESS STEEL RANGE which became a new standard in this field. The original idea of using exclusively stainless steel 304 as a material was unseen and innovative, providing the final customer an indestructable vent. Nowadays, the idea is well spread and claimed its place in the world of ventilation products.

Out of respect and in order to maintain the classical designs of our predecessors, we designed the LMA and LMB: made out of casted aluminum with stainless steel connectors. To meet more modern design the square inlet and outlet valve was created, as well as the HRV stainless steel vent for Heat Recovery Systems.

Inspired by the success of our designs we offer the new range PANEIR PREMIUM LINE products. High quality stainless steel design vents, all with integrated butterfly valves, to meet the future European standards. The model Sigma with its build in feature is a totally new approach. All PANEIR PREMIUM LINE products are available in brushed stainless steel, white or black painted stainless steel.

Our values