Who we are

Profim is one of the top office seating manufacturer offering swivel armchairs and chairs, visitor chairs and soft seating furniture. The products are basically designed for offices but they can be successfully used in open space offices, waiting rooms, halls or cafes. The company has been consistently evolving for the last 26 years and has been improving their products in terms of ergonomics, quality and design.

The Profim design is a combination of functionality and ergonomics with recognizable outline. Over 26 years of operation the company has developed many original furniture designs and has cooperated with many renowned, international designers.

Profim as the manufacturer has got unique technological facilities and experienced team of workers. The above means that the quality is supervised at each stage of furniture production and own and original design and esthetic approaches can be created.  First of all, the company has got its own metal department where the furniture frames are produced with unique precision thanks to a fully automated production line. Unique and varied offer of finishing can be created and offered to customers thanks to the works in the chrome plating plant operating in environment and people friendly technology – Chrom III as well as the powder paint plant. Due to the fact that there is a poured foam department in the plant the company is able to manufacture elements with precisely selected parameters, what results in achieving optimal comfort of each piece of furniture. In the sewing department our experienced seamstresses make even the most complicated covers. The plant assembly workers are responsible for the last stage of work: all the elements are assembled together and are released from the plant as ready-made products to be used as armchairs, chairs or sofas.

More than 1900 employees work for Profim on premises of the total area of ca. 50 000 m2 based in Turek. The company, being the first Polish office chair manufacturer, was granted the Quality Management System certificate of compliance with ISO 9001 standard. Such large-scale manufacturing operations also require a system approach towards ecological issues. The above is guaranteed by the Environmental Management System certificate of compliance with ISO 14001. There are continuing endeavors to minimize the adverse impact of the plant on the natural environment. Numerous internal activities consisting in self-improvement as well as promoting pro-ecological attitude among the plant’s suppliers and in local community have been untaken.

Our values


Design - innovativeness in product creation and setting new trends

Development - Innovativeness in the company's development (investment in modern technologies)

Impossible is nothing - innovativeness in the way employees think


Ergonomics - responsibility for the health of our products' users

Quality - responsibility for the reliability of our products

Service - responsibility for timely deliveries and service quality

Cooperation - responsibility for relations with partners

Ecology - responsibility for the natural environment

Teamwork - the company's responsibility for employees and the employees' responsibility for the company