Sakma Electrónica Industrial

Who we are

SAKMA is a European company, with headquarters in Barcelona, specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of lighting solutions with LED technology.

Our best asset is our people. Our staff is formed by experienced professionals, who have worked for renowned multinationals in the electronics sector.

We have put all our efforts during the last decade into the development of customized solutions, state-of-the-art products and proprietary technologies. 
This allows us today to create different, high-performance, reliable and competitive luminaries.
During its 30 years of history, SAKMA has crafted its own way of conducting business, based on honesty and professionalism, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers in every project, and positioning SAKMA as a reference in the technical lighting sector, synonym for professional ethics and quality. 

Our engineering department analyzes the needs of every project and materializes the ideas in concrete light solutions, designing and developing bespoke products that make each project unique.

We believe that the most profitable investment is the one which can be translated into obtaining results and a quick return. We deliver efficient, high-performance lights, which are maintenance-free and reduce operation costs.

We produce in our facilities in Barcelona, with state-of-the-art machinery and maintaining exhaustive controls throughout the manufacturing process, which allows us to offer a product of the highest quality.


Our values

“SAKMA is synonymous with innovation and quality in its products. Confidence and professional ethics in their services.“

The most important asset of SAKMA is the people who work with us and together we share a quest for excellence. Our goal is to continue innovating and creating better products and solutions every day, putting our signature of quality on every project we work in, and creating spaces that make intelligent, precise and coherent use of light.

One of the main assets of SAKMA is the trust that our clients place in us. We believe in long-term relationships and establish and maintain a link with our customers, which extends beyond the completion of the project.

To speak of SAKMA is to speak of disruption. Our R&D department is formed by a team of original people who design different products and offer ingenious solutions that often surprise our clients. Originality is part of our DNA.

Our luminaires are designed to be efficient, so that they comply with all environmental regulations and are recyclable. In addition, all waste generated during the manufacturing process is treated by specialized companies. With this SAKMA minimizes the impact of its activity on the environment.