Who we are

Maami Home is a brand of the Portuguese company TCC Whitestone. We develop innovative design solutions for aesthetic and luxurious contemporary home living furniture. We ally the mastery and expertise of our craftsmen and creative team with the most advanced technology to develop unique pieces of rare beauty and timeless elegance in noble materials like marbles, granites, Silestone, wood and aluminum. 

TCC Whitestone descends from a lineage of crafters, carrying their love for the stone work, blending state-of-the-art technology with its ancestral knowledge. It´s the most qualified and experienced artisans that give an object its soul, making unique pieces of art. 

Directly from the world's premiere quarries in Greece, Italy and Portugal, we source the natural material that shapes Maami Home´s portfolio, with features of rare beauty and flawless residential stonework. 

TCC Whitestone is a young and dynamic Portuguese company, growing in sustainable and progressive manner, which provides solid foundations to serve our customers with quality and care.

We tailor innovative, sentimental and unique pieces of art in natural stone.

Our values

Our Vision

Innovate in the field of ornamental rocks, development, production and marketing of design products like furniture and other decorative items that people prefer to buy and be proud to own, ensuring value creation and business sustainability .

Our Mission

Being global and reference in the production of natural stone articles for decoration.

Our values

Customer satisfaction as it is the reason for the existence of our business. Value and respect people because they are the ones that make it all possible. Acting as an integral part of the universe of architects, designers and decorators Together so that our brand is stronger. social responsibility for a fairer society . Respect for the Environment To ensure tomorrow.