Urbi et Orbi

Who we are

URBI ET ORBI workshop is the expression of the new trend in the design and the construction of concrete objects.

It makes its dynamique debute appearance with the 2012 product catalogue, giving at the same time future promises by its high set standards.  

The people behind URBI ET ORBI, we are a team that although we met accidentally, since then, we work together, completing ideally one another, in order to produce the best possible URBI ET ORBI creation. We pay attention to every detail, taking our creative thinking to the limit.                      

The raw material that we use at URBI ET ORBI is internationally acknowledged, environmentally as well as human friendly. Such an example is the special mix GFRC which is the most advanced new proposal of the industry.This is why we, at URBI ET ORBI, create safe, functional, stylish objects that stand out in every environment.  

 Our main activity is the revise of concrete. Our knowledge is the mutation of concrete’s appearance, giving to this different shape, colors, forms, textures and finally… character.

We always loved to work with concrete. We love its nature and its properties. Whenever we are completing a project, it’s like a new born, and then we live the delight of creation.       

Our values

Concrete is everywhere! It has past, present and future.The research for new improved cement mixtures never ends. The cement industries are investing to innovative new products, special for design except the buildings.We believe that concrete is the material whose the features has no limits.We continuously discover more design features thanks to its properties. We are modifying the industrial appearance of concrete in different shapes, colors, forms, textures and finally… characters. It could be combined perfectly in any place, in any style.We believe in the nature of concrete. We respect the essentials of it and we are accepting them as they are. We are accepting it like any other living organism and we are shaping it with exceptional attention. 

 Concrete isn’t a temporary trendy material… it’s a permanent value. Any concrete object   acquires value thanks to its uniqueness, its character, its appearance. Concrete getting older with us, get change, the traces of the time are appearing on concrete. We love to live beside objects which have engraved memories on them.