Who we are

VALLONE® is a boutique label for avant-garde bathroom design. With our extravagant collection of high class design sinks and bathtubs, manufactured from a premium mineral VELVET STONE we seek to bring style and comfort to your home. Clean and stripped of unnecessary details, our products form the centre piece of your new classical or extravagant bathroom space. As suggested in our brand name (VALLONE®: Italian for "valley“), our product designs are inspired by famous valleys and natural sites. A tribute to their organic, pure form as well as a reference to the tranquil and refreshing experience, our VALLONE® products will offer.

With an attractive price-performance level, we want to contribute to the fact that modern bathroom design no longer has to be elitist luxury. VALLONE® exudes the charm of upscale hotel suites in your bathroom.

Our values

VALLONE® gives large value to brand quality: Its puristic and minimalist design represents premium bath design at attractive prices. Shopping in our online boutique or at our show room, our clients benefit from our modern distribution concept: VALLONE® stands for premium quality for excellent conditions, yet to be matched elsewhere.

To guarantee premium quality we exclusively work with our mineral material VELVET STONE™: It owes its excellent qualities with regard to aesthetics and reliability to a customized formula that involves natural minerals with high quality resins. The manufacturing process is based on a casting procedure therefore enabling a wide range of shapes and ensuring that all VALLONE® products are literally made from one piece. Besides the aesthetic reasons this also fulfills a hygienic purpose: The smooth and seamless surface is preventing the accumulation and spreading of dirt and gems.