Who we are

Since 1957, Vilagrasa has been concerned about people and their environment. That is why the design of our products responds to their users and their uses, whatever the space in which they are developed.

Vilagrasa's products offer people the possibility of conferring their own stamp of identity to the space in which they are located, because they are the result of a meticulous analysis of the needs that must be met in that space. They are a way to inter-relate architecture and people, and in that sense, our products help to turn a building into a more human place, beyond a set of walls, furniture and machines. Products are created by prestigious designers who work closely with the firm. Vilagrasa exports its products to more than 22 countries and carries out projects all over the world.

Our values


DESIGN: We manufacture products with added value, "author's products".

QUALITY: We are metallurgical industry and premium quality raw materials are used

INNOVATION: We have an internal R & D team at the client's disposal