Who we are

Akdeniz Glass Corp, founded by Mr Hilmi Akdeniz in 1978 and started its activities in glass sector,
provided high quality glass products and solutions to its customer within the framework of its
values, and in a short time, became one of the reputable and successful glass companies in the
region. By following technological developments closely, Akdeniz has expanded its activities
towards aluminum joinery, curtain wall, glass and composite structure elements and facing works
since 1995. In the forthcoming years, it has accelerated the growth and expanded the operations
into Structural Automation Systems and manufacturing Carpet Display Systems and Folding Glass
Systems. In its new production facility, completed in 2006, Akdeniz now produces all kinds of
Industrial, Curved, Tempered, Laminated, Automotive and Double Glass options. Akdeniz Corp, one
of the top companies in Turkey now, maintains its activities according to world standards in a factory
of 17.500m2 closed area, with 300 skilled labor, strong logistics infrastructure and our devotedness
to providing high-quality services.
Akdeniz Corp is based on high-quality and customer satisfaction concept with modern global
company mentality, technological structure and its company culture open for innovation and
development. Akdeniz keeps increasing its market share both outside and inside Turkey thanks
to its ability to provide customized solutions, rigorously performed environmental management
system awareness and also its reliability, technology and quality certificates. Akdeniz consistently
puts new systems on market after making their unique designs in R&D departments and applying
all necessary operational tests. With every new system, Akdeniz takes justified pride of contributing
the development of the sector. Akdeniz offers its products in Turkey and many countries in the world
thanks to its strong and wide sales network and customer-focused mentality. Akdeniz Corp, having
high recognition both inside and abroad, is distinguished by its characteristics like quality, reliability,
competitiveness, technological competency and wide range of operation and brings itself into the
future. Akdeniz is proceeding on its way with new hopes and projects thanks to its mentality on
putting emphasis on person, having confidence on its labors and sense of corporate responsibility,
by leaving a successful 38 year-old story behind.

Our values


VIZYON, as the brand of balcony glazing systems developed and introduced by AKDENIZ GLASS
CORP., has made a distinguished name of itself in the market for the last 13 years.
Vizyon branded products, manufactured in accordance with sensitive studies of our R&D teams
and demands from our valued customers, have established a reputable market presence thanks to
our perception on absolute customer satisfaction and after sales support.
With its wide network both inside and outside of Turkey, Vizyon also invests on accessibility and
market recognition and takes the justified pride of being a reputable Turkish brand in international
markets within 6 continents.
We will be carrying on serving our valued customers and friends with our perception on noncomprising
from quality, providing modern solutions for your prestigious spaces and absolute
customer satisfaction.