WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

Who we are

Premium quality, function-based and original design.

office furniture for upmarket demand is what our family-run medium-sized company has been creating with a wealth of expertise in wood-working for more than 100 years. We are now in the top 10 of German companies that furnish and fit out offices, with our tailor-made furnishing solutions, a vast range of products to choose from – and competent and reliable services: customer-focused and dedicated. We aim for the highest quality on a daily basis with our motivated staff, endeavouring at all times to simply listen – to our customers and specialised trade partners – guaranteeing WINI’s steady and enduring success on the market.

Sophisticated office furniture systems – for sustainable commercial interior furnishing

For our product development, it’s the system principle that has top priority. For adding on or combining, our office furniture is flexibility itself, adapting to changing work processes at the drop of a hat and fulfilling even the most complicated requirements of a sustainably furnished, long-life interior. High quality of design and best environmental practice at all times count as typical features of all WINI products, along with maximum functionalism. Numerous national and international design prizes (including iF, red dot, PLUS X and Geman Design Award) and the award of the Quality Office quality seal for our product series demonstrate recognition of our premium quality products and the unchanging strength of innovation at our company.

Open Space Office, cubicle offices, combined and team offices: whatever its name, the WINI portfolio has it, because we are the one-stop shop for providing innovative solutions for contemporary commercial interiors, starting from modular desk systems for workbench solutions, one-man, project and team workstations, to highly effective sound-absorbing acoustic systems - right on to standing and mobile storage solutions, and prestigious conference and reception furnishing. Our furniture system series serves simultaneously as a unit assembly system for creative product ideas: we implement this resource, too, to develop and manufacture special furnishing solutions that are finely tuned to the exact requirements of our customers.

Lean, fast, individual, personal

Our ambitious standard of finding the best solution extends right along the whole supply chain. Thanks to our lean, rapid response organisation, we are in a position to react to customers’ wishes with short delivery times, including the most intricate construction work. Competent and reliable, and working hand-in-hand with dedicated specialised traders, we are the consultant and partner at our customer’s side right from the first point of contact. What’s more, architects and planners profit from the comprehensive planning and visualisation services of our experienced interiors and consulting team at WINI.

Whatever you want us to do for you, service at WINI has a face: your very own personal contact. Judge for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

Our values


The working world is changing at an ever-increasing pace: technical improvements make us more and more mobile and office work is no longer based solely and inevitably at a desk. In the battle for the best workers – particularly for Generation Y, aged between 20 and 30 – companies now attach greater importance to contemporary furnishing that keeps pace with the changes and offers staff an attractive work environment.

Focusing on trends and targets

THE MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE is a structured planning principle that stays abreast of flux in the world of work, and is a tool with which WINI personalises the planning of interiors even further. In the process, the starting point for THE MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE is the extensive consultation session covering current trends and developments in office furnishing, as well as detailed questions and answers regarding your daily office activities and your future requirements of the office.

Planning with a detailed analysis

Planning according to the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE gives you the necessary support and confidence to use the opportunities of the modern working world for your company. After all, modern office environments offer you many possibilities: meeting points, lounges, rooms for concentrated work and retreat options. But which ones does your company actually need? Which zones promote important processes, make more efficiency possible and boost communication at the right places? Which zones would really be used by staff?

The comprehensive and full analysis procedure of the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE keeps your aims firmly in sight and offers you the right answers to all important questions.