fabric suspended ceiling / floating / acoustic
fabric suspended ceiling

Presentation Acustiart-B panels are elements for the construction of volumetric absorbent surfaces in baffle form. Designed in accordance with individual needs. Infinite possibilities. Advantages Improved soundproofing levels ...

PVC suspended ceiling / floating / acoustic / printed
PVC suspended ceiling

... Features Can be quickly removed and re-installed Easy to clean and low maintenance Improves the quality of thermal and sound insulation Integrates easily with lighting, air-conditioning Meets all current safety ...

metal suspended ceiling / floating / with integrated air conditioning
metal suspended ceiling

The MERO cooling ceilings provide a large variety of creative freedom and create an environment where you feel comfortable.

fabric suspended ceiling / floating / decorative
fabric suspended ceiling

plaster suspended ceiling / floating / with integrated air conditioning
plaster suspended ceiling

emcocool plaster rail system is designed for use in commercial and office space as well as single-family or multiple-family homes. It is also suitable for use in restored old buildings. Characterised by a relatively small height of 20 ...

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fiberglass suspended ceiling / floating / for clean rooms
fiberglass suspended ceiling

The Camfil mounting systems for Clean Rooms and Hospital are specifically designed to fullfill EPA/HEPA/ULPA final filtration according to highest Standards over all service life. Particular attention has been given to installation, servicing ...

wooden suspended ceiling / polyester / panel / floating
wooden suspended ceiling

... Holes can be drilled for lights, sound diffusers and other accessories if required by the client. A polyester fibre or Rockwool layer, positioned above the panel, completes the system, ensuring high levels of sound ...

metal suspended ceiling / floating / acoustic / curved
metal suspended ceiling

The particularity of this wire mesh is the woven of various materials all together, making an always different wire mesh. With a light rubbing you will have a three-dimensional effect and a great spectacular effect. Characteristics All ...

polystyrene suspended ceiling / panel / floating / decorative
polystyrene suspended ceiling

Re.pack Produces and sell different types of self-supporting ceilings in self- extinguishable high density polystyrene foam EPS, with barrel vault, cross vault or flat roofs, to build new structures or to give a new image to existing ...

fabric suspended ceiling / floating / acoustic / decorative
fabric suspended ceiling

Thickness: 53 mm
Width: 1,200, 600 mm
Length: 1,200, 600 mm

The Dezign ceiling-mounted absorber can swing between vertical and horizontal mounting, and is available in several sizes. DIMENSIONS 1200×600 for vertical or horizontal suspension Circles for horizontal suspension Ø 600, Ø 800, ...