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ceiling acoustic panel / fabric / decorative / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

PRESENTATION Absorbent acoustic panels aimed at increasing the acoustic comfort in rooms with face ceiling and panels with deficit of absorption. ADVANTAGES Acustiart-3D ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / stone wool / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

... modular and sound absorbing panels for acoustic treatment are suitable for all kinds of spaces, and can be used for ceilings and walls in both industrial ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / fabric / colored
ceiling acoustic panel

ceiling acoustic panel / for partition walls / mineral wool / gypsum
ceiling acoustic panel
5200625433 / 5200625435 / 5200625437

Thickness: 50, 75, 100 mm
Width: 600 mm
Length: 1,200 mm

... stud spacings. Isover Acoustic Slab provides high levels of acoustic performance in wall-lining systems, partitions and modular building applications. Key Benefits Excellent acoustic ...

ceiling acoustic panel / metal / decorative / smooth
ceiling acoustic panel

Width: 12'00", 10'00", 6'00", 8'00"
Length: 6'00", 10'00", 8'00", 14'00", 12'00"

... create a dazzling custom look with these versatile, ready-to-assemble ceiling cloud installations. Easily create a dazzling custom look with these versatile, ready-to-assemble ceiling cloud installations. ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / wooden / laminate / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Acoustical, free-hanging unit for limitless design options Features & Benefits: Free-hanging unit with superior sound absorption. 3 different mounting methods for ease of installation. Simple integration of lighting ...

ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / for interior / MDF
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 100 mm - 100 mm
Width: 150 cm - 150 cm
Length: 595 cm - 1,190 cm

The revolutionary Flexi Wave acoustic panel brings performance and design to our homes. This hybrid acoustic panel acts as an absorber and diffuser simultaneously. The ...

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Vicoustic - Innovative Acoustic Solutions
interior acoustic panel / for ceilings / textile / decorative
interior acoustic panel

Width: 20 cm
Length: 120, 240 cm

... effective reduction in reflective sound levels in accordance with EN ISO 11654:1997. LINA Cylinder has a rating in Class A SET UP REFERENCE: Cover 35% of wall and form groups. Choose suitable fittings ...

ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / mineral fiber / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

... and unjointed boards can be coated directly with StoColor Climasan for a dual-purpose ceiling - acoustic and odour-reducing. Features & Benefits Direct bonding on to walls or ceilings ...

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Sto AG
ceiling acoustic panel / wall / for partition walls / for interior
ceiling acoustic panel

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ceiling acoustic panel / fiberglass / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

Ecophon Solo Square is an acoustic solution, primarily when it is not possible to install a wall-to-wall ceiling. Solo Square is suitable in buildings where the room volume could be maintained or as an ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wooden / colored / for office
ceiling acoustic panel

The advantages of this type at a glance: universally usable ideal for language absorption high absorption ideal for gastronomy and offices Individual solutions and options upon inquiry. Contact us with no obligation!

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n'H Akustik + Design AG
ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / cement wood / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 35 mm

... uniform ceiling surface with no visible joints, and the peaceful look characteristic of timber batten ceilings. Troldtekt line acoustic panels have lengthwise surface ...

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Troldtekt A/S
ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / MDF / polystyrene
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 4.6 cm
Width: 60, 90 cm
Length: 60, 120 cm

... type of acoustic covering is mainly used for large-scale areas of application: auditoriums, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, airports, places where acoustic treatment with a continuous coating surface ...

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Jocavi - Acoustic Panels, Lda
false ceiling slab acoustic panel / for false ceilings / for walls / for partition walls
false ceiling slab acoustic panel

Thickness: 3 cm

SoKoVerd.C1 Art preformed panel in natural blond cork, which reduces acoustic reverberation, reduces heating costs and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the particular shapes and variety of ...

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Coverd Srl
ceiling acoustic panel / metal / decorative / colored
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 5 cm
Width: 60 cm - 120 cm
Length: 60 cm - 240 cm

Nuvola is a group of sound-absorbing removable panels hung from the ceiling by steel cables. The panels can also be combined in different formats to create clouds of various shapes and ...

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Caruso Acoustic
ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / for partition walls / for interior
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 20 mm
Width: 1,320 mm
Length: 2,800 mm

... specifically for sub contractors and joineries. The large sized panels are available in the following listed dimensions and surfaces from stock and quantity one pce (1). In addition, the panels can be ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / for interior / MDF
ceiling acoustic panel

... Our panels are based on a fibre gypsum board which has excellent properties regarding dimension stability, impact resistance, fire safety and acoustics, demands which effectively ...

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Gustafs Scandinavia AB
ceiling acoustic panel / for interior / wood wool / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Diacrete Wood Wool Cement Board is a series of green building materials that provides notable acoustic and thermal insulation solutions to many applications that is made up of specific ratio of the 2 ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / MDF / fabric / stone wool
ceiling acoustic panel

Width: 940, 890, 1,120, 1,200, 1,130 mm
Length: 940, 1,170, 1,550, 1,720 mm

The Cloudz ceiling-mounted absorbers are designed to be suspended in layers one above the other, and have thus been provided with holes through which cables can be drawn in order to attach one layer to another layer below. ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / for partition walls / for interior / polyester fiber
ceiling acoustic panel

PLEAT designed by By May. The sound absorbent Pleat is a hanging panel with a design that plays with 3D vs. flat. The printed raster creates a light effect and enhances the three dimensional effect. ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / wooden / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 16 mm
Width: 128 mm
Length: 2,430 mm

In order to achieve a high acoustic absorption coefficient and a beautiful aesthetics D+ (Decustik Plus) System description Acoustic panel system with high technical and aesthetic ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / PET / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 0'00", 0'01"
Width: 4'00", 6'00"
Length: 8'00", 9'00"

Sound matters in your spaces. EchoPanel is the answer.Design something simple or spectacular! Use EchoPanel flat panels adhered to walls and ceilings for clean looks and sound ...

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Kirei USA
ceiling acoustic panel / for false ceilings / for interior / fabric
ceiling acoustic panel
MODUS (one-sided for ceiling)

Thickness: 40 mm - 70 mm
Width: 400 cm - 1,200 cm
Length: 400 cm - 1,200 cm

... function of acoustic panels is to minimize sound reflection (echo) and noise, improving the acoustic comfort. Special patented and certified material which effectively ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / wooden / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 100 mm - 280 mm

... visible and non-visible Product description SCHNEIDER glulam ceiling elements with acoustic design represent a further development of our ceiling elements. They are offering an advanced ...

ceiling acoustic panel / fabric / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 25, 50 mm
Width: 1,200, 600 mm
Length: 1,200 mm

... the sound is distorted. There are two different types of Fabric Ceiling Panels Serenity and SerenityLite However if the solution is a 25mm thick panel that is required ...

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Sontext Pty Ltd