Class A1 insulation

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thermal-acoustic insulation
thermal-acoustic insulation

Thermal conductivity: 0.035, 0.04 W/(m.K)
Thermal resistance: 1.25 W/(m.K) - 5.1 W/(m.K)
Thickness: 50 mm - 180 mm

The blanket is made of silica sand molten into fiber at high temperature. It is used in thermal insulation, sound insulation and acoustic arrangements and fire safety. Available in the form of blankets, plates and pipes with different ...

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thermal-acoustic insulation
thermal-acoustic insulation

ComfortTherm® insulation is a lightweight, thermal and acoustical insulation made of long, resilient glass fibers bonded with an acrylic thermosetting Formaldehyde-free™ binder. ComfortTherm® insulation is wrapped in plastic for a more ...