tempered glass panel / patterned / for interior / colored
tempered glass panel
RIBBONS by Alexander Girard

... abstract or geometric patterns. Glass TypeClear tempered safety glass;Low-iron PPG Starphire® tempered safety glassGlass SizesFabrication sizes up to 72" x 144";AST Digital Printing: Fabrication sizes ...

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Skyline Design
partition wall glass panel / building / stained / structural
partition wall glass panel

double-glazed glass panel / insulating / PV / building
double-glazed glass panel

The Skylight system ensure an optimized PV electrical generation adding multifunctional passive bioclimatic properties of thermal inner comfort since most of the UV and infrared radiation from the sun will be harvested ...

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tempered glass panel / safety / for facade / colored
tempered glass panel

... or other mechanical fixings are required. By combining coloured glass and Hering architectural concrete, planners and architects can create a unique facade area, either as an all-glass building, i.e. ...

patterned architectural glass / for interior / silver / mirror
patterned architectural glass

... latest technologies to offer our exciting new MirrorUnique™ line of specialty glass. Unlike any other product currently on the market, we offer the finest hand silvered glass organically antiqued with ...

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interior glass panel / colored / opacifying
interior glass panel

... Individually handmade using casting on carved molds, this texture pattern has a translucency option of clear, frosted, matte or colored.

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patterned glass panel / for interior / colored / translucent
patterned glass panel

Translucent glass facade with latent heat-storage modules to conserve solar energy for night heating

patterned glass panel / for facade / colored / opaque
patterned glass panel

... SHGCvalues RETROLuxTherm louvers are produced as readymade insets for installation between the panes of double or triple insulation glass units. The thickness of the glazings and their functional layers are dimensioned ...

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patterned glass panel / for interior / colored / translucent
patterned glass panel

The finishes describing the wide range of colors and patterns that can achieve FerroMurano solutions for Interior and Exterior Decoration.

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Ferro Murano srl
tempered glass panel / for interior / colored / translucent
tempered glass panel

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Miroiterie de Chartreuse
laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / for interior
laminated glass panel

... brings colour into our lives: Roofing that reflects the blue of the sky, visually exciting glass walls and designer furniture with colour and light effects. Visions that were previously limited in practice ...

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Semcoglas Holding GmbH
float glass glass panel / for facade / colored / translucent
float glass glass panel

Criblind® P Omniarmor is a clear bullet-resistant security glass made of several clear float glass panes interlayered on polyvinyl butyral surfaces together with a layer of polycarbonate on the inside.

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laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / for interior
laminated glass panel

... techniques for manufacturing glass for vertical surfaces: Vitrified technique, with which you can choose the color from the entire RAL. Silkscreen technique, which allows to customize a wall with silkscreen chosen by ...

patterned glass panel / for interior / printed / colored
patterned glass panel
RAINFOREST Panel, kiln cast glass by hand

Panels and tiles can be made up to required size and thicknesses to fit interior spaces. Panels can function as windows, room dividers or as decorative art as an alternative to paintings. Light can also ...

blown glass panel / patterned / for interior / colored
blown glass panel

... mouth-blown sheet glass is given their tint not simply by adding colour to the batch. Their colouration is created by means of the flash technique: The clear or tinted carrier glass is overlaid with one ...

tempered glass panel / insulating / building / colored
tempered glass panel

Glass is the traditional greenhouse covering that is used in a myriad of ways in today’s market. Today’s glass products allow for wider bar spacing and still withstand the required snow and wind loading. ...