fixed partition / glazed / home / fire-rated
fixed partition
MB-118 EI

The MB-118 EI fire rated walls are used to make fire partitions with fire resistance class of EI 120. The system is classified as non-fire spreading (NRO). It’s design & construction is such that, it provides a technical ...

removable partition / glazed / for offices / transparent
removable partition

Spaces created with glass to glass combinations provide transparency and depth. Transparent boundaries that determine spaces offer unique harmony of maximum light saving with cost-effective ...

fixed partition / glazed / home
fixed partition

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Sistema Midi
fixed partition / glazed / professional
fixed partition
TYPE 200

... freestanding glasswall, 6400mm wide x 2130mm high; central door 914mm wide; constructed from clear toughened 12mm glass, with clear glass support fins, most popular glasswall. Constructed and installed in accordance ...

sliding partition / glazed / for offices / professional
sliding partition

Glass Walls with Sliding Doors create simple, elegant fronts with extended transparent sightlines. They work well wherever space is limited. A sleek top track and a small guide at the sill allow for a smooth transition ...

sliding and stacking partition / steel / glazed / professional
sliding and stacking partition

The JAMAR | FSW Transparent Versatility Horizontal sliding walls are used in a wide range of different projects type, and for both internal and external applications. They can satisfy a broad spectrum of requirements in relation to styling, ...

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removable partition / glazed / home / custom
removable partition

fixed partition / aluminum / glazed / professional
fixed partition

Glass facades – Partition walls Partitions - Fix the “U” profile to the ceiling, while set the “F” profile to the floor and to the side. - Place the glass inserting ...

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GSF Glass Fixing System