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axial fan / extractor / wall-mounted / industrial
axial fan

... °C/120 min), F300 (300°C/60 min) and F400 (400°C/ 120 min) in accordance with EN 12101-3. The Liberator smoke extraction fan is available in roof or wall-mounted versions: TL: Roof mounted, with vertical discharge. ...

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ceiling fan / residential / aluminum / glass
ceiling fan

Halo Light DirectionStructure MaterialInjected aluminiumDiffuser MaterialGlassStructure FinishSatin nickelDiffuser FinishMatt opalBlades FinishTextured grey,wenge-painted finishLamp1 x R7s MAX 100WLamp Included1 x R7s MAX 80WWidth1320

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centrifugal fan / floor / residential / metal
centrifugal fan

The Samsung Q9000 uses 3 independent front-facing fans to provide your business environment with cooling that is faster, goes further and is more powerful Turbo Jet Cooling - 3 whirlwind fans Three ...

axial fan / extractor / duct / commercial
axial fan

Our JM Platemounted fan features an Aluminium adjustable fixed pitch impeller manufactured for greater performance. Available in sizes 315 to 630mm in diameter it is suitable where low pressures and high air volumes are ...

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wall-mounted fan / industrial / metal
wall-mounted fan

... 6™ is the plain and simple fan for plain, simple air movement. If youre on a modest budget, dont need a 15-year warranty and dont want the bells and whistles that make up the Powerfoil 8 and Powerfoil X2.0, Basic 6 is ...

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Big Ass Fans
centrifugal fan / extractor / wall-mounted / residential
centrifugal fan

... into heat energy. Product Information Product Specific System Benefits Profiles: Five Crown. Fixing details: Through-fix. Metal type: Steel. Application: Can be laid vertically only. Lengths: From 1.8m up to 15m. Please ...

ceiling fan / industrial / metal
ceiling fan

... plants, warehouses, tennis and sport halls as well as for industrial drying applications. ■ Ceiling fans DVW range Classic 3 blade design, robust casing fan made from steel, finished in white. □ Totally ...

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centrifugal fan / duct / commercial / aluminum
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 40,200 m³/h

Fischbach high efficiency fans distinguish themselves by compact design with internal motor combined with high volume flows up to 40.200 m³/h and can therefore replace many standard fans with belt drive. ...

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Fischbach Luft- und Ventilatorentechnik GmbH
axial fan / duct / commercial / steel
axial fan

... covered with special polymer coating (Tubo-M series) or galvanized steel casing (Tubo-MZ series). Aluminium impeller. The fan is equipped with a power cord and external terminal block for connection to power mains. SPEED ...

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Blauberg Ventilatoren GmbH
centrifugal fan / duct / industrial / metal
centrifugal fan

... Stability, Low Noise Level And High Efficiency. Both Sides Of The BDTX In-Line Duct Fans Are Suitable To Fit Into The Centrifugal Duct And Can Be Fixed With Fastening Clamps. Fans Can Be Performed In ...

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centrifugal exhaust fan / roof / commercial / aluminum
centrifugal exhaust fan

Centrifugal roof fans in the steel casing with the horizontal exhaust of air and the air capacity up to 4700 m3/h. Designed for exhaust ventilation systems. Applications Exhaust ventilation system for various premises ...

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Ventilation Systems JSC
axial fan / duct / wall-mounted / industrial
axial fan

Air flow: 550, 1,100, 1,400, 1,700 m³/h

FEATURES Axial fans for light duty, wall or panel mounting to convey air directly outside or through short duct. Light and compact fans with reduced overall dimensions. Max temperature of extracted ...

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axial exhaust fan / roof / commercial / industrial
axial exhaust fan

... from aluminium and constructed to suit the elevated temperatures, with blades pinned as required by the manufacturer. All fans shall be tested to meet the air flow, temperature and structural requirements of AS/NZS1668.1:1998 ...

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axial fan / wall-mounted / commercial / metal
axial fan

A range of Rapier Plate mounted axial fans with Rapier cast aluminium aerofoil blades. The 315mm to 710mm fan range also includes include 4 and 6 pole versions. Rapier plate fans are ...

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centrifugal fan / duct / industrial / steel
centrifugal fan

Duct fans are really useful solution in many ventilation installations because of their easy construction, easy assembly and the low costs of construction and operation. They connect the advantages of axial and radial ...

smoke extractor fan / duct / commercial / galvanized steel
smoke extractor fan

Air flow: 200 m³/h - 19,000 m³/h

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ceiling exhaust fan / metal
ceiling exhaust fan

... 30%. The ECOFAN recirculating fan is available with various air displacements from 4,000 to 14,000 m³/h. The unit comes as standard with an isolator switch and a reverse operated room thermostat that switches on the ...

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mark Climate Technology
centrifugal fan / extractor / duct / commercial
centrifugal fan

... Conventional motor direct coupled Supporting motor-board formed by proper soundproof cages and buffers Double aspiration centrifugal fan Fan fixing to the structure by vibrationproof joints.

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centrifugal fan / duct / commercial / metal
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 1,930 m³/h

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extractor fan / floor / commercial / metal
extractor fan
SKV 85

Side-channel blower SKV 85 HEYLO side-channel blower have been designed especially for use in below screed drying. Drying can be carried out in pressure and suction process. The electrically operated, mobile and muffled compressors ...

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axial fan / ceiling / commercial / galvanized steel
axial fan

Air flow: 4,000 m³/h - 7,000 m³/h

DAE are recirculation fans produced with a scope to guarantee an optimal diffusion of the warm air in the environments, avoiding the formation of stagnant zones at different temperature and humidity conditions. This offers ...

extractor fan / wall-mounted / commercial / metal
extractor fan

The extractor fans allow forcing the ventilation inside greenhouses when the natural ventilation using roof and/or perimeter vents, does not allow reaching the desired rate of air renewal, which is an innate need for ...

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ULMA Agricola
extractor fan / duct / commercial / galvanized steel
extractor fan

CHARACTERISTICS: In-line duct fans CKM are designed and built for rapid and secure insertion in rectangular ducts. The fans are equipped with galvanized steel impeller single inlet with motor connected ...

extractor fan / axial / wall-mounted / ceiling
extractor fan

Air flow: 110 m³/h

... pause-function and up to the additional engaging of a boost level. With it's open view on the fan, possible soilings are easy to spot and can quickly be removed. The effective "app-fan" provides a classy ...

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smoke extractor fan / axial / wall-mounted / commercial
smoke extractor fan

AB Chimney Axial fan provides a powerful air flow by means of ideal blade angles. Motors with sintered sleeved bearings provide silent operation. Easy to install in walls and windows. Material Electrostatic powder coated ...

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