Metal look flooring

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vinyl flooring / interior / high-resistance / high-performance
vinyl flooring

... heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that fits all general purpose needs in various segments and applications on every moment of the day. It creates better environments in which to work, live, interact, relax, heal, ...

vinyl flooring / interior / non-slip / acoustic
vinyl flooring

... Confidence. Step is a particle enhanced floor covering ensuring a lifetime slip resistant performance. The unique “Step Crystals” provide excellent non slip properties and a clear and bright visual. Step safety flooring ...

tactile flooring / vinyl / non-slip / for industrial use
tactile flooring

R11 Plus floors have enhanced slip resistance, categorised as R11, because of the strong surface embossed structure. The R11 plus tiles are easy to install and provide a quick solotion to hard wearing industrial areas.

vinyl flooring / residential / strip / smooth
vinyl flooring

offers luxury home floor designs that can be installed with a simple click. No need for glue or subfloor preparation, this flooring can be placed directly on existing floors to save time and money. For even more at home ...

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ceramic flooring / interior / high-resistance / frost-resistant
ceramic flooring

... surfaces of Oxide reproduce the effect of oxidised metal which reacts to the atmospheric agents, the sun and the passage of time. The material and chromatic depths help create new refined 3D effects for a total look ...

vinyl flooring / high-resistance / low-VOC / waterproof
vinyl flooring

Oxidized Metal Concrete answers the trend for oxidized, metallic surfaces. Its elegant concrete look is ideal for exclusive, modern design interiors and copper accessories. The tile design is perfect ...

cork flooring / interior / acoustic / floating
cork flooring

The name Divina Cork Floors is synonymous with quality cork flooring, thanks to the great attention paid to quality control as well as research and product development. The Divina Cork Floors Warranty ensures that products ...

sintered stone flooring / interior / high-resistance / recyclable
sintered stone flooring

... , comprised of 7 models, is resistant to the elements and the passing of time which offers an architectural advantage over metal alloys that can be used for the same purposes.

cork flooring / vinyl / acoustic / floating
cork flooring

bevelled (4V), sand, metal design Twist PLUS varnished /DESIGN, Vinyl plank Format (l x w x h): 595 mm x 285 mm x 10 mm Surface Twist PLUS varnished Bevelled edge bevelled (4V) Laying System tiloFIX Type ...

polyurethane flooring / interior / non-slip / high-resistance
polyurethane flooring

... optical effect made possible via printing-cylinder overlays during production: Although the pattern seems as if it were made of metal within the space, from close up it ought to be clear that the situation deals with a printed decor.

recycled rubber flooring / tile / textured / metal look
recycled rubber flooring

... environment. ECO Unique offers the same properties and functions as our "ordinary" Unique tile, the only difference being that this flooring is manufactured from 100% recycled material. ECO UNIQUE is available in bright ...

PVC flooring / tertiary / roll / smooth
PVC flooring

resistance against fire: bfl-s1 total weight: 1015 g/m² total height: 6 mm size of the rolls: h. cm 200 x ml 20 ca. use: shows – expositions

vinyl flooring / interior / non-slip / high-performance
vinyl flooring

The texture of textiles allows for bright colour flecks on a neutral ground to come together with colourful palettes for public spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and other high activity areas.

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Aspecta Flooring
vinyl flooring / security / for healthcare facilities / for hospitals
vinyl flooring

... vinyl sheet, Strait Rx creates a surface that reduces the risk of injury associated with falls while offering sound control. Flooring Type: Heterogeneous Vinyl Form & Dimensions: 7mm (0.28") x 72" (1.83m) x 30 LF (9.14m) Hygienic ...

vinyl flooring / sound-absorbing / for healthcare facilities / for hospitals
vinyl flooring

... creates a surface that reduces the risk of injury associated with falls and offers sound control and comfort underfoot. Flooring Type: Heterogeneous Vinyl Form & Dimensions: 7mm (0.28") x 72" (1.83m) x 30 LF (9.14m) Hygienic ...

vinyl flooring / interior / antibacterial / commercial
vinyl flooring

... of the Star.K collection. SINTESY STAR.K is a heterogeneous vinyl flooring of big measurement characterized by its dimensional stability. Star.k is a LVT new generation flooring, reinforced and loaded ...

wood-plastic composite flooring / floating / rustic / residential
wood-plastic composite flooring
NB 400 : 6485 / 6483 / 6486 / 6484 / 6482

SURFACE Look Plank Decor Other Appearance Decor Effect calm Colour range dark Joint pattern all-round V-bevel DIMENSIONS Format Tile Total thickness 10.5 mm Effective measurement 853 x 395 ...

linoleum flooring / non-slip / sound-absorbing / antibacterial
linoleum flooring

The unique flooring with alumino real interference.

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Armstrong DLW
engineered stone flooring / interior / non-slip / residential
engineered stone flooring

... home's style with stone or reclaimed wood looks, urban-inspired designs and wall features, to name a few. Item Specifications General COLLECTIONAlterna Reserve DESIGNAllegheny Slate COLORCopper Mountain LOOK ...

vinyl flooring / interior / high-performance / woven
vinyl flooring

... information!Hellsten Flooring’s vinyl floor coverings manufactured out of special plastics are suitable for many uses. Whether your choice is Metallic or one of our other models, you will always get an easy-to-install ...

PVC flooring / high-performance / textured / metal look
PVC flooring

Cobblestones, tread plates and much more - 14 different designs, whose visual appeal lies in recognising everyday items. Deja-vu experiences form the basis for a very immpressive effect.

PVC flooring / interior / residential / tile
PVC flooring
DESIGN 330: 2803

JOKA design and vinyl floor can be in terms of exclusivity nothing to be desired. Whether authentic wood, tile, stone or varied mosaic-colored and fantasy décors, these products are all styles of living and interior design trends for ...

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magnetic flooring / PVC / interior / non-slip
magnetic flooring

allows you to quickly renew your flooring with a new elegance to the space, choosing your own style within a wide range of designs and colors. The WOOD collection presents floors that perfectly replicate the effect of ...

composite flooring / high-resistance / tertiary / roll
composite flooring

... overcome the problems sometimes encountered in laying sheet floorings over new or old subfloors. ES500 can be laid over a variety of surfaces, such as old resilient and ceramic floor coverings, metal, ...

self-leveling flooring / concrete / polypropylene / high-resistance
self-leveling flooring

... Depending on these criteria and the customer’s specific requirements, flooring thicknesses, type of texture (powder or pasty), the type of surface finish and other technical variables of flooring are ...

epoxy flooring / tertiary / smooth / metal look
epoxy flooring

... in Epoxy Flooring right now! Metal Illusion Epoxy Flooring is interior only right now. It is easy in install and the looks are gorgeous. Metal Illusion ...

rubber flooring / for steps / FloorScore®-certified / non-slip
rubber flooring

Molded stair treads combine easy installation, maximum resiliency and sound absorption that is ideal for stairwell projects. Regular and one-piece versions are available. For areas requiring extra slip resistance, visually impaired configurations ...

PVC flooring / exterior / non-slip / roll
PVC flooring

Our 12" x 12" x 3/8" shop and garage floor tile are perfect for dressing up garages, shop floors, and any other space where durability and easy clean-up are important. In addition, our GC-Garage tile can be Custom Molded with your ...