Metal suspended ceilings

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stainless steel suspended ceiling / wire mesh / panel / decorative
stainless steel suspended ceiling

When used as false ceilings, ARCHI-NET® allows to mask technical installations without reducing the nominal height of rooms. It also favours the passage of air conditioning and backlighting. The wire ...

aluminum suspended ceiling / steel / strip / acoustic
aluminum suspended ceiling

... various modular strips made in aluminium and steel, which are suspended from suitable support structures in steel. The space (technical area) that is created between the strips and the ceiling or wall ...

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aluminum suspended ceiling / panel / floating / decorative
aluminum suspended ceiling

Width: 200 cm
Length: 200 cm

The NEW/MIRODAL line dresses up ceilings with free-floating panels that structure the space. Composed of an aluminum structure covered with a NEWMAT membrane, these panels are available with a large variety of suspension ...

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metal ceiling / panel / acoustic
metal ceiling

... to additional constraints. Tonga® Ultra Clean et Tonga® Ultra Clean HP ceilings provide an acoustic solution to the requirements of those specific places : cleaner ceilings, easier to upkeep, safer ...

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metal suspended ceiling / panel / radiant / with hidden framework
metal suspended ceiling

The PLAFORAD N may be equipped with smooth as well as microperforated panels. Once opened they rotate downwards and remain coupled to the structure by ropes and safety springs, making the inspection easy. In the N series, unlike the other ...

metal suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / perforated
metal suspended ceiling

... non-combustible stone wool-based acoustic slab for industrial spaces and engine rooms. The slab is covered with a perforated metal cassette which is bent to the backside of the slab covering the long edges. It can be ...

metal suspended ceiling / panel / acoustic / curved
metal suspended ceiling

Width: 1'00" ft - 4'00"
Length: 10'00"

Radians® is a hydraulically precurvedintegrated ceiling system consisting of four-sided panels, engineered grid, and associated hardware. The ceiling system allows access to the space above at nearly ...

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Ceilings Plus
aluminum suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
aluminum suspended ceiling

... tools. Decoustics Claro-T lift and shift panels feature aluminum perimeter edge, metal gusset clips and wire safety clips. Once installed into the T-bar system, Claro-T ceiling panels ...

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aluminum suspended ceiling / tile / wire
aluminum suspended ceiling

Steel plates of mild or stainless steel, aluminium and its alloys or any other non ferrous metals can find infinite applications. This versatility and universality of application explain why we can find plates in the ...

aluminum suspended ceiling / steel / galvanized steel / stainless steel
aluminum suspended ceiling

When used in false ceilings, the equal height of the bearer bars and insert bars of full gratings allows the elements on the other side of the false ceiling to be concealed. FINISHES ...

aluminum suspended ceiling / galvanized steel / stainless steel / panel
aluminum suspended ceiling

Thickness: 0.5 mm - 1 mm
Width: 200 mm
Length: 200 mm - 3,000 mm

Create a clear, monolithic ceiling using Integra clip-in panels and a hidden suspension system. The panels are produced in different dimensions and with different perforations and colours to choose from. They respond ...

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aluminum suspended ceiling / galvanized steel / panel / acoustic
aluminum suspended ceiling

Width: 300 mm - 600 mm
Length: 1,200 mm - 2,400 mm

Hook-on system is used for large spaces where there is a need for frequent access to the ceiling void. It is a concealed system, panels are fully demountable with the help of a hooked grid profile hanged to the aluminium ...

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aluminum suspended ceiling / steel / panel
aluminum suspended ceiling

Width: 30 cm
Length: 30 cm

... solution of suspended ceilings for hospital, kitchen scenes. 30x30 cm size, 0.70 mm thickness minimum 20-micron powder coated (polyester based) from composite aluminum non-perforated plate (EN AW 3000 ...

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Kaya Panel Suspended Ceiling
stainless steel suspended ceiling / tile / decorative
stainless steel suspended ceiling

metal suspended ceiling / panel / perforated
metal suspended ceiling

Width: 6, 8, 4 in
Length: 18 in

... Panels are available with smooth or stucco embossed texture. Ideal applications for Opaline are vertical fascias, soffits, ceilings or sign bands, alternatives for E.I.F.S., laminated or extruded panels. The panel can ...

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ATAS International
steel suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / perforated
steel suspended ceiling

Thickness: 21.5 mm
Width: 300 mm - 625 mm
Length: 300 mm - 625 mm

EMPHASIZE THE SQUARE FEATURE OF THE CEILING The special design feature of DAMPA® Clip-In Tiles with bevelled edge is the emphasis of the square shape, by highlighting the joints between each tile. The concealed ...

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metal suspended ceiling / tile / panel / strip
metal suspended ceiling
Baffle System - Standard

Thickness: 0.5 mm
Width: 20 mm - 50 mm
Length: max 3000.0 mm

 . For wide open area design it offers linear continuity.  . Special lock system of carrier profile provides easy, secure and quick mounting.  . Different baffle panel size (W-H) and gap alternatives are possible as ...

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galvanized steel suspended ceiling / tile
galvanized steel suspended ceiling

Thickness: 0.2, 0.3 mm
Width: 24, 15 mm
Length: 600 mm

... T-profile is the load-bearing structure of the suspended ceiling. The design is easily assembled by hand and fixed to the ceiling on special suspensions. After that, either the plates ...

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KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine
galvanized steel suspended ceiling / tile / radiant
galvanized steel suspended ceiling

metal suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / perforated
metal suspended ceiling

Tactray 90 Structural ceiling tray system to support failed Clasps & SEAC asbestos decks and ceiling systems in schools Key benefits: Provides structural support to existing roof system in the event ...

metal suspended ceiling / panel / decorative
metal suspended ceiling

stainless steel Material 1.4404 mirror polished No.8 "Facade Mirror" Quantity: approx: 7000sqm

steel suspended ceiling / panel / radiant / with integrated heater
steel suspended ceiling

Width: 59, 62 cm
Length: 59, 62, 119 cm

... of the surrounding cold air. It works exactly in the same way also in rooms. Only if heat rays meet solid bodies, walls, ceilings, floors, objects and the bodies, then the heat will develop (see illustration). Advantages: Comfortable ...

aluminum suspended ceiling / strip
aluminum suspended ceiling

Thickness: 0.6 mm - 1.2 mm
Width: 100, 150, 200, 300 mm

... for 12-20 years 4. Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected 5. Surface smooth and easy cleaning scope of application Strip suspended ceiling ...

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Shanhe aluminum building material co.,ltd
metal suspended ceiling / panel / acoustic / radiant
metal suspended ceiling

... compose a big module and are attached to the structure with spring locks and bayonet fittings that allow easy opening of the false ceiling and ensure a complete inspection. The surface of the panels ...

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Proter Imex
aluminum suspended ceiling / panel / acoustic / perforated
aluminum suspended ceiling

Width: 4'00"
Length: 10'00"

Aluma-Vault System 3000 offers 100% accessibility. This ceiling option features a unique torsion-spring-equipped suspension that is concealed above the panel system. The panels fasten to the concealed suspension, and ...

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