Organic decorative panels

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cover decorative panel / oak / wall-mounted / for interior
cover decorative panel

Elegant and luxuriant are the two words that best describe this latest addition to our burgeoning collection. Clue is made from century-old bog oak but sanded and polished so smooth it will have all the Mad Men tip their trilbies. Its ...

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cover decorative panel / solid wood / wall-mounted / for interior
cover decorative panel

Notes is made from American walnut coming from rejected sapwood and surplus stock. The masonry layout gives the whole a pleasant, visual rhythm. So sit back and enjoy the melodies and harmonies. The purple hues and solid thick wood tiles, ...

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wood decorative panel / wall-mounted / for interior / wall
wood decorative panel

Geometric and organic patterns collide in this most avant-garde of panels. Conceived of furniture-grade hardwoods and embellished with traditional carvings. This is reclaimed teak of the highest grade available.

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fiber-reinforced concrete decorative panel / wall-mounted / for wet rooms / fire-retardant
fiber-reinforced concrete decorative panel

Width: 300 mm
Length: 300 mm

... model and form Detail: The COMO System wall elements are 100% organic and eco-friendly gypsum made and associated with the building material class A1 (non-flammable). The panels can be easily ...

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Hans Schröder GmbH & Co. KG
cover decorative panel / fiber-reinforced mortar / wall-mounted / for interior
cover decorative panel

Thickness: 30 mm
Width: 700 mm
Length: 1,000 mm

A wall of bamboo canes covers the panel, a perfect example of organic design suitable for any environment. Panel size: 700 x 1000 x 30 mm Materials: TRG, TRB

cover decorative panel / wood / wall-mounted / smooth
cover decorative panel

Thickness: 5, 6.5, 8 mm
Width: 34 cm
Length: 136 cm

... for a unique touch in a contemporary space. Composed of a multitude of smooth, straight slats in varying sizes, Classik decorative walls add depth and bulk to your décor. The collection comes in a range of timeless hues.

natural stone decorative panel / marble / for interior / wall-mounted
natural stone decorative panel

Vello, inspired by the beard of the statue of Pericles in the museum of Athens, is a model of stone wall panels featuring an articulated structure; curved shapes plied onto the stone create a functional game of volumes, ...

wood decorative panel / wall-mounted / 3D / matte
wood decorative panel

Thickness: 86 mm
Width: 940 mm
Length: 940 mm

A vast body of water flowing majestically - the inspiration for this exquisite wooden panel with its long, curving bends was the longest and widest river in Europe, the Volga, winding endlessly across the continent. Sinuous ...

cover decorative panel / metal / polyester / PET-G
cover decorative panel

... these top quality panels made from polyester (PETG) give you a considerable scope for your application. Different effects can be created to your liking and to fulfil your application purpose during the production of an ...

plaster decorative panel / wall-mounted / textured / stone look
plaster decorative panel

A broad range of modular panel designs can be achieved ranging from complex geomeric design to more organic and sculptural forms. The panels can be designed so that the pattern or design ...

MDF decorative panel / wall-mounted / 3D / organic
MDF decorative panel

Wall modules made from MDF Exclusive, contemporary wall design with large, milled wall panels – those are the organic forms of Modular. The translucent look creates a room inside the room, without separating ...

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Freund GmbH
cover decorative panel / polymer / wall-mounted / for ceilings
cover decorative panel

Thickness: 70 mm
Width: 200 mm
Length: 500 mm

Collection of decorative panels, inspired by organic and natural textures that offer a new vision of decoration and architecture. This is more a concept than a cladding for mural decoration. ...

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resin decorative panel / for interior / smooth / translucent
resin decorative panel

Thickness: 1.3 mm - 24 mm
Width: 1,219 mm
Length: 2,438, 3,048 mm

Amate captures the charm of a time-honored tradition that dates back to the first century AD. The neutral tones and organic lines of these unique decors were developed for the discerning interior environment. These natural ...

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polyester decorative panel / for interior / smooth / with natural plant filler
polyester decorative panel

Thickness: 12, 16, 20 mm
Width: 1,200, 1,450, 2,000 mm
Length: 2,400, 3,000 mm

The varieties found in nature are our inspiration. All of our panels in our nature line are produced using original organic materials, so that their transient elegancy is permanently captured inside lasting plastic.

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leather decorative panel / for interior / for furniture / wall-mounted
leather decorative panel

Millepelli creates furniture for a coordinated and fluid organic interior design where leather is the absolute protagonist and is in constant dialogue with the wall revetments. Beds, bedside tables, sideboards, wardrobes, ...

wood decorative panel / for interior / wall-mounted / 3D
wood decorative panel

... collection will brighten up your decoration at a low cost. Its natural highlights brings texture and serenity. Tap into its organic look to create an ambiance marked with charms. Its versatility will match your project: ...

composite decorative panel / wall-mounted / perforated / organic
composite decorative panel

... used to make a broad range of modular panel designs ranging from complex geometric designs to more organic and sculptural forms. The panels can be designed so that the pattern or design ...

steel decorative panel / for interior / matte / high-gloss
steel decorative panel

... building construction labels like Bream and Leed. Estetic® BioAir can be used in a large panels of applications, like : ceiling systems walls (inner side of sandwich panels or façade cladding) partitions ...

glass decorative panel / wall-mounted / for interior / for exterior fittings
glass decorative panel

Thickness: 10 mm - 150 mm
Width: 250 mm - 2,400 mm
Length: 250 mm - 3,250 mm

One South Dearborn – Chicago Texture: Strata | Color: Crystal | Edge: Natural | Thickness: 36mm (1 1/2") One of the largest thick glass murals in the world. Both murals, part of this prestigious Chicago building’s signature, are more ...

cement decorative panel / wall-mounted / for floors / textured
cement decorative panel

Concretus Panels are decorative cement panels that can be easily installed on existing surfaces such as floors or walls; ceramics, tiles and marble. Ideal for indoor or outdoor, these ...