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fire-rated door / interior / swing / pivoting with offset axis
fire-rated door

... providing aesthetically pleasing fire-rated doors. DAYORIS has taken its Laminating Solution™ to the next level, pairing modern sophistication with fire-rated door safety. Contemporary and elegant, our ...

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Dayoris doors
interior door / swing / sliding / folding
interior door

Height: 2,100 mm
Width: 600 mm - 1,000 mm

... Everyday we’re witnessing the birth of new inventions and solutions that pursues to ease our life. Newport doors symbolize an important change in the door field. The design and technology of hidden hinges ...

interior door / pivoting with offset axis / glass / glazed
interior door

entry door / pivoting / stainless steel / glazed
entry door

entry door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / without glazing
entry door

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entry door / pivoting / oak / security
entry door

Concealed Pivot, weight up to 400kgs. Overall door leaf thickness 80mm Double steel reinforcement 6/40 thick X 2 Insulated door leaf to 1.112W/m2K and 32db sound insulation Acoustic weatherseals withstand ...

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Urban Front
interior door / pivoting with central axis / wooden / without glazing
interior door

... customisation potential through engravings or digital print. Lacquered finish – smoot, embossed, engraved or open pore – grants the door a strong personality and creates points of light inside the house that give the ...

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interior door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / acoustic
interior door

ONE is a series of wood windows and doors with a 70-mm nominal cross section. It is the most suitable window for standard homes and renovations. They are suitable for tax deductions on energy efficient renovations. These ...

entry door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / glass
entry door

... manufacture of armoured doors with vertical pivot hinge flap fitted with high security lock and motorised deadbolt; also included is a battery pack with 23,000 opening cycles inserted in the door in a ...

entry door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / glazed
entry door

Wooden doors and windows made ​​of laminated 3 or more blades. Nominal cross-section of case 64x78mm and sash thickness of 64mm. double glazing as standard 4l.e./15/4float perimeter hardware embedded with more perimeter ...

entry door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / acoustic
entry door

Our doors have a clear purpose: to guarantee a welcome that communicates the home and home owner’s personality. Design, colours, lines and accessories are designed to best welcome your guests. We have also thought of ...

interior door / pivoting with central axis / wooden / without glazing
interior door

interior door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / without glazing
interior door

... and sliding door systems. The patented rotation mechanism is used to silently and gently move the door in both directions within the doorway. The system is universal and can be fitted to any Sofia model, ...

entry door / pivoting with offset axis / wooden / armored
entry door

KOZAC® works to seduce, with elegant designs, minimalist shapes; sober yet detailed. The doors which KOZAC® offers are available with a wide choice of finish: Raw varnished steel, oxidised or lacquered steel according ...

walk-in closet door / interior / pivoting with offset axis / wooden
walk-in closet door

... between the rooms making up a home and a workplace. Pivot are large mobile wings which, by rotating around a hinge, act now as a door, now as a partition wall, now as a closing element of a bookcase or of a cabinet. Furnishing ...

interior door / swing / sliding / pivoting
interior door

Height: 201 cm - 240 cm
Width: 60 cm - 125 cm

... structures and surfaces. Revolving doors are available with one or two leaves, optionally also with fixed top section. We use high-quality concealed door hinges for flush-fitting doors, ...

interior door / pivoting / glass / aluminum
interior door

ALADIN is a collection of doors and partition screens designed and conceived by Piero Lissoni. The doors are available in the following versions: sliding door with wall or ceiling rail ...

interior door / pivoting / glass / glazed
interior door

Height: 18 in - 100.25 in
Width: 12 in - 53.38 in

... maximum, making up a single pivot door Product Features — Door will ship with frame and jamb completely assembled at the opening size specified (anchoring of pivot hinge into floor required during installation) — ...

entry door / pivoting / aluminum / security
entry door

... The special hinges fitted to the side made it possible to create a large usable width and enabled the door to be opened 180°. This type of louvre door can easily be integrated into a louvre wall as it ...

interior door / pivoting / wooden / without glazing
interior door

Inside of the various programs of classic planning made by ARCA, are contained numerous solutions for the doors and numerous other specific parts. The productive capacity permit to personalize and make each singular project ...