Plastic wall lights

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contemporary wall light / bathroom / living room / kitchen
contemporary wall light

The Vipp wall spot is a versatile and functional lighting option, shedding light on your bathroom, hallway, kitchen or living room. The wall spot has a perforated shade and matte glass ...

original design wall light / iron / plastic / LED
original design wall light

... always there to light you up. The balloon and light represent hope and warmness, haoshi combines the bright side of these two and designed a wall lamp of balloon shape. ...

contemporary wall light / iron / fabric / PVC
contemporary wall light

This sophisticated wall lamp delivers superbly stylish designs. Combining modern and classic features together with superbly elegant elements furnishing your home with impeccable style.The decorative ...

contemporary wall light / cast aluminum / plastic / compact fluorescent
contemporary wall light

With their classical good looks the Corcovado series of luminaires is suitable both for outdoors and indoors, for historical or museum settings but just as well for contemporary, representative contexts. The various Corcovado ...

contemporary wall light / aluminum / PMMA / LED
contemporary wall light

Elegant LfD fitting made in aluminum, providing pleasant direct and indirect light. Also available for vertical installation. Indicated for transit areas.

contemporary wall light / plastic / fiberglass / round
contemporary wall light

... our artists' original light art features. These reproductions maintain their value as limited numbers of them are created by hand by artists. Fibreglass plastic signs with individual design versions ...