Sofa beds

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modular sofa / convertible / contemporary / wood
modular sofa

Inspired by its peculiar shape, the Anguis is a modular and adaptable Sofa, built to take a variety of profiles without losing its comfortable and luxurious facet. The skin that covers it reflects the refinement of its ...

sofa bed / traditional / wooden / 3-seater
sofa bed

Pull out Bed 80 x 190 Dimensions: Width: 216 cm Height: 78 cm Depth: 87 cm Can be made in dimensions 90 x 190, reference : 23130 Options possible: With backboard 80 x 190 ref 23122 With backboard 90 x 190 ref ...

modular sofa / bed / contemporary / fabric
modular sofa

Caresse sofa, with a soft and comfortable design, consists of standard and modular units.It can be equipped with a small engine that allows to extend, with a range of 40 mm, the seat depth.The backrest is is available ...

sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / commercial
sofa bed
OUTLINE by Anderssen & Voll

The Outline Sofa Chaise Longue has an elegantly refined expression, joined by a spacious, extensive comfort. The sofa combines a light, textural expression with sculpted shapes and a generous seat, accomodating ...

sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / oak
sofa bed

Launched at Maison et Objet Paris in 2015, Union Collection is a series of furniture that includes a sofa and a bed, with side tables, consoles and a lighting fixture coming soon. While Created by Autoban’s ...

modular sofa / corner / bed / contemporary
modular sofa
URBAN by Bernhardt & Vella

URBAN is a modular sofa combining elegance, simplicity and style with a sober, rational and contemporary design that makes it perfectly suitable for both modern and classic interiors. The thin, curved armrest that supports ...

convertible sofa / contemporary / leather / tilting
convertible sofa

AUSTERE ELEGANCE IN THE SUPERLATIVE campus de luxe lives up to its name. The cylindrical headrest rises gently, the legrest swings almost silently into place. This contemporary version of a Récamier clearly demonstrates an enthusiasm ...

sofa bed / corner / contemporary / linen
sofa bed

The “El Caregoon de Quercia” sofa belongs to the new Cadorin collection of wood furnishings, “Toc de Toe”.Unique pieces of original wood, one in million and inimitable, shaped by nature and the passage of time.The great ...

sofa bed / traditional / living room / fabric
sofa bed

This is the furniture for a rustic wooden living room. Its color is a blend of talcum powder and hay and the presence of a fitted wall will enrich your kitchen. The warm color of wood will make of this rustic living room the ideal choice ...

sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / green
sofa bed

Sofa bed with a spare, horizontal, pullout bed. Fitted with a motor-driven, orthopaedic, slatted base with a practical remote control that adjusts to three, comfortable positions. The ...

sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / leather
sofa bed

Move solves space problems for all needs and at all times: a compact, very convenient sofa that transforms into a bed ready for use, complete with mattress, in a few simple steps. Attractive in the daytime, ...

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sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / synthetic leather
sofa bed

... perfect as a sofa or as an additional bed thanks to the insertion of a mattress support or of a mattress under the base of the sommier. This is the perfect alternative which allows you to rapidly count ...

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sofa bed / contemporary / fabric
sofa bed
DAYBE by Morten & Jonas

... relaxing. Although the sofa appears to form a fixed shape, the backrest detaches and slides onto the floor to create a comfortable bed. Unlike conventional sofa-beds constructed from ...

sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / 3-seater
sofa bed

Simple lines exalted by the relief edging in contrasting or same colour card.

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Ennerev Materassi
sofa bed / contemporary / wooden
sofa bed

... Get Laid Beds. To create something we’d never done before, we thought we would combine a bed, with something we all use every day, the humble sofa. The true difference between our luxury ...

convertible sofa / classic / plywood / 3-seater
convertible sofa

Kanerva extendable sofa is our products’ range classic. Kanerva extendable sofa is a traditional Finnish extendable sofa which is suitable for home, cottage or public spaces. Curved sides ...

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Kiteen Huonekalutehdas Oy
sofa bed / contemporary / polyester / 2-person
sofa bed

sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / 2-person
sofa bed

A 2-seater sofa that, when the need arises, turns into a comfortable sofa bed, fitted with removable fabric or imitation leather covers.