wool suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
wool suspended ceiling

Thickness: 20 mm
Width: 60 cm
Length: 60, 120 cm

... look. Cutting out panels for light fixtures, ventilation and ceiling speakers follows the same cut and position process used with regular ceiling tiles. But unlike low-cost mineral wool ...

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wooden suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
wooden suspended ceiling
SMALL CIRCLES by Anne Stensgaard

Troldtekt small circles: panels are cut to the desired dimensions and then holes are cut in the panels. The panels are installed in two layers, using contrast colours. Either two layers of cement-bonded wood wool or a layer of Rockfon ...

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Troldtekt A/S
polyester suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
polyester suspended ceiling

metal suspended ceiling / tile
metal suspended ceiling

PROMETAL OPEN CELL ceilings are particularly suitable for entrances and large public areas, such as shopping and congress centres. Their grid design allows smokes extraction and air clearing through ceiling’s ...

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laminated MDF suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / perforated
laminated MDF suspended ceiling

Soundproofing system for walls and false ceilings Today, noise is the main source of pollution. In order to improve our wellness and the comfort of areas we live in, Oddicini Industrie has developed OdAcustic, a line ...

wooden suspended ceiling / tile / decorative
wooden suspended ceiling

Width: 24 in
Length: 24 in

MURdesign’s Regency 24” x 24” ceiling tiles offer a sought-after look. Chic and affordable, their style will freshen up any room. Combine decorative suspended ceiling ...

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MUR design
metal suspended ceiling / composite / tile / acoustic
metal suspended ceiling

Width: 600 mm
Length: 600 mm

... performance, the ThermaCool® tile offers an easy to install, cost effective and lightweight thermal mass solution. Three Tiles – Three Unique Benefits The ThermaCool® tile is available ...

cardboard suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
cardboard suspended ceiling
BLOOM FOLDSCAPES by Jaime Salm and Alex Undi

Width: 60 cm
Length: 60 cm

... three-dimensional drop ceiling tiles. Made from recycled cardboard and designed to ship flat and be folded at the installation site, the lightweight two by two foot modules are a cost effective and dramatic ...

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fabric suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / for swimming pools
fabric suspended ceiling

... high levels of sound control and speech privacy. Specialist acoustic ceiling tiles can replace standard ceiling tiles offering reduced sound transmission through a suspended ...

metal suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / with integrated air conditioning
metal suspended ceiling

Improving the Room Climate with Air Cooling Ceilings Our improved and optimised air chilled ceiling guarantees gentle and uncritical air injection, high performance and a visually attractive design. This ...

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MWH Barcol-Air GmbH
mineral fiber suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
mineral fiber suspended ceiling

Star-Tone is a line of modular, mineral fiber ceiling panels design for high performing acoustic ceiling system (sound absorption and insulation, fire resistance, thermal insulation, etc.). The system ...

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Itp ceilings
melamine suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
melamine suspended ceiling

canvas suspended ceiling / tile / printed
canvas suspended ceiling

Textile architecture: flexible to use The membrane's flexibility and resistance means it can adapt to all the implementation constraints that large complex structures are subject to, including light, smoke extraction and so on. Textile ...

plaster suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
plaster suspended ceiling

tile suspended ceiling / flame-retardant
tile suspended ceiling

For all types of structured ceilings. Hygienic and washable (also mechanically) ceiling tiles. Standard dimensions for structures: 60cm x 60cm or 120cm x 60cm Types: smooth or embossed. Colours: ...

metal suspended ceiling / tile / curved
metal suspended ceiling

... panels utilizes factory-curved CurvGrid suspension along with flexible panels in a variety of finish option to provide curved ceilings that conceal the suspension from view. CurvTrim perimeters with factory-mitered corners ...

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polycarbonate suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
polycarbonate suspended ceiling

... Public Buildings... PAINTBOARD is a general purpose medium density sheet, excellent for all interior applications, in ceilings and partitions. When externally applied, an adequate coating has to be applied. The ...

steel suspended ceiling / tile
steel suspended ceiling

System C can change the appearance of light dramatically in a room. The system consists of a textile sail that is suspended from a wall or ceiling through the use of adjustable, stainless ...

mineral fiber suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / for clean rooms
mineral fiber suspended ceiling

... and clouds, defies the conventional notion of ceilings. It is installed either below a suspended ceiling, or within an exposed structure, providing extraordinary drama and visual design ...

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Getz Bros & Co. (Singapore) Private Limited
stainless steel suspended ceiling / tile / decorative
stainless steel suspended ceiling

wooden suspended ceiling / tile / with loudspeaker
wooden suspended ceiling

... allow for easy integration of lights, speakers and other ceiling components. Rulon’s many Aluratone panels can be made in the Squares configuration for a cost-effective and beautiful acoustical ceiling.

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Rulon company
steel suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / perforated
steel suspended ceiling

The DAMPA® Clip-in Tiles with sharp edge presents a continuous, uniform and “borderless” ceiling surface look, with precise levelling of the sharp edged tiles. Create the impression ...

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wooden suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic
wooden suspended ceiling

... in false ceilings, both indoors and outdoors, due to its aesthetics and durability. The false ceilings should possess open joints between the boards, both indoors and outdoors. The minimum ...

metal suspended ceiling / tile / radiant / insulating
metal suspended ceiling

Width: 600 mm
Length: 600 mm

b!klimax+ Copper 8 is a high output system for ceiling heating and cooling using 600x600 mm micro-perforated metal panels with a copper coil covered in an aluminium layer. The radiant metal tiles are ...

metal suspended ceiling / tile / radiant / with integrated heater
metal suspended ceiling

Width: 600 mm
Length: 600 mm

... thermo-conducting aluminium sheet. The radiant metal tiles are available with either polyester fibre or glass wool insulation, and thanks to the modular structure, hidden and fastened to the ceiling through ...

metal suspended ceiling / tile / insulating
metal suspended ceiling

Width: 600 mm
Length: 600 mm

b!klimax+ Quadrotto is a ceiling heating and cooling system, consisting in 6-mm PB pipes with oxygen barrier fixed on metal or plasterboard tiles. These active panels are available with polystyrene or ...

polycarbonate suspended ceiling / tile / decorative
polycarbonate suspended ceiling

Polycarbonate for suspended ceilings allow the execution of light or light permeable ceilings providing a distinctive design. Integrating new technologies of LED lighting, the use or not of the LGP panels ...