wind turbine inverter / string / three-phase / transformerless



  • Power source:

    wind turbine

  • Connection:


  • Phase:


  • Options and accessories:


  • Peak power:

    13 kW (18 hp)


The PVI-12.5-TL-OUTD-W dual stage transformerless wind inverter offers a unique combination of high efficiency, installer-friendly design and very wide input voltage range ensuring high energy harvesting.

Its power output is controlled by an external signal. The inverter has high speed and precise algorithm for following the external signal variations to maximize the total energy harvested.

Efficiency at all output levels

The PVI-12.5-TL-W requires an external control signal. This can be made using 15/25kW-WIND-INTERFACE.

It is a sealed unit to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The PVI-12.5-TL-W is compatible with ABB's 15/25kW-WIND-INTERFACE.


True tree-phase bridge topology for DC/AC output converter
Wide input voltage range
Transformerless technology
Field-selectable grid standard settings
Flexible data monitoring options to view inverter performance
Natural convection cooling for maximum reliability