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Highly innovative raised floor system which can be installed for multiple purposes. As most important characteristics, it holds heavy loads; it is fire-resistant and fully damp-proof. Furthermore, it provides the best acoustic absorption and durability.

GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL raised floor system has the highest heavy-load capacity thanks to its steel core injected with lightened cement. Its 600x600 mm floor panels consist of a thermoforming steel bottom sheet with 64 concave holes electronically welded to a smooth top steel sheet and a strengthening edge trim. Due to its final protection paint furnace treatment for anti-corrosion, the best fire-rated ranking is obtained (A1_UNE-EN 13501).

The inert and high temperature-resistant materials used in the composition of the panels classify the system as one with 0% humidity absorption.

Panels are classified according to the thickness of the upper and bottom steel sheets into Light, Light Medium, Heavy, Heavy Medium and Heavy High thus guaranteeing high heavy load capacity.

Gamaflor Full Steel offers a great variety of flooring to suit our customers’ needs for each of their projects.

The panels of this raised floor system are in-layed into a steel structure the height of which can be regulated to the most suitable ranging from 20 mm to over 1500 mm. The structure is made of pedestals and screwed-in stringers providing solidity to the system in the event of lateral movements or even earthquakes. This method for tile fixation allows for full panel independence.