stainless steel drainage channel / with grating / for public spaces



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:

    with grating

  • Applications:

    for public spaces


Aco slot channel systems with 20 mm surface aperture offer simple and effective wastewater interception and conveyance suitable for a wide range of applications where accessibility to the channel is not critical - for example any area where low volumes of fluid are expected without significant food debris. Combined with a gully, they provide effective central wash down drainage solutions. Through its simple construction the system is a reliable and robust - with no potential grating loss where that might otherwise present a hazard.

Slot channels should preferably be specified with a gradient - level inverts can be provided but are not preferred. ACO slot channel systems consist of various channels (length up to 6000mm), corner and branch units and outlets. he system is suitable for applications.


Stainless steel construction for durability and long life
V-bottommed profiled channel for enhanced flow efficiency at all flow rates and for improved self cleaning performance
Modular concept allows specification of standard channel units to surround machinery and fit within existing tiling patterns
Hydraulic Capacity calculation for linear channels is a complex process that can require computational analysis. ACO provides this service free of charge

European Standards for box channels:

ACO tests slot channels to EN 1253 - Gullies for building and EN 1433 Drainage channels for vehicular pedestrian areas.


Discrete slot channel
Visible width 50mm
Slot 20mm
Interfaces with ACO Vinyl Seal
Grades 304 or 316
Pedestrian Load Class