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    for bakeries


THE NEW BENCHMARK IN SINGLE RACK OVEN PERFORMANCE AND FEATURESThe innovative new choice in Rack Ovens, with the same heating system and feature set as OVEN-2020 double rack oven

Belshaw Adamatic's OVEN-2010 gives bakeries the newest option in Rack Ovens. OVEN-2010 offers Performance, Convenience and Energy Saving benefits, along with more standard features than other rack ovens. OVEN-2010 is UL certified and offers the same heating system and feature set as our double rack OVEN-2020. Designed, manufactured and serviced entirely in the USA by Belshaw Adamatic.

STANDARD FEATURESInnovative 180 kBTU/hr heating system modulates gas supply smoothly, reducing heat loss and energy consumption.Extremely fast start-up and recovery times, using the same heat system as OVEN-2020 (fastest startup among major rack ovens produced in independent testing [1]Extremely high energy efficiency, similar to OVEN-2020, rated as most efficient in start-up energy, baking energy efficiency and idle energy rate.Flash spray steam system, delivering the right amount of steam, at the right time.Full-featured touch-screen controller allowing the operator to choose from 100 recipes or use the manual baking option.Networking controller (can be viewed on web browser)Auto-ON, Auto-OFF, and Sleep Mode ensure oven is ready to bake when needed and conserving energy when not in use.Holds 1 single baking rack.Heavy duty rack lift, accepts A, B or C-style racksBright, energy efficient LED interior lighting.