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The original string curtain. ADO Cordon® has been turning heads globally since the 1970s. It is a well-loved interior design feature – and not just in clubs, bars and hotels. Cordon has won numerous design awards and, with its focus on simplicity and functionality, it aligns itself to the guiding principles of the Bauhaus era. For fans of airy, light spaces, it is perfect for the home as well. ADO Cordon® provides a modern look for windows as well as doors and room dividers.

ADO Cordon® is a string curtain consisting of individual, machine warp knitted threads that hang down loosely. The string curtain is available in a range of heights and even comes in extra-long heights of up to 10 m. It can also be cut to the length you need it. The cut edge stays flat and flexible and does not unravel.

ADO Cordon® is also light-fast, flame retardant and retains its shape, making it perfect for use in private living spaces and public interiors alike.