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A range of beautiful hand selected walling stone available from five locations in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Ideally suited to match existing structures in these localities, Westcountry walling will add distinction and appeal to any development.

Westcountry walling stone is supplied in random aggregate shapes and sizes suitable for building a natural appearing stone wall. The stone can also be dressed on site if a more regular appearance is required.

Westcountry walling stone is available in five regional variations;

Westleigh walling
Westleigh walling is a natural limestone material with grey, pink and red colouration, quarried in mid Devon. Whilst being ideally suited to match existing structures and the natural landscape in the mid Devon area it can be used to make a distinctive and attractive feature in any location.

Stoneycombe walling
Stoneycombe walling is a limestone material predominantly of a pink colouration. It is ideal for blending with the traditional buildings and natural landscape in the Torbay area of Devon, whilst being perfect for constructing a distinctive and naturally attractive feature in other locations.

Moorcroft walling
Moorcroft walling is a Limestone material quarried in the Plymouth area which has a predominantly grey and pink colouration. The stone is ideal for matching the many structures in this area constructed from this type of material and can also be used for constructing an attractive feature in other locations.