natural stone column / solid wood / prefab



  • Material:

    solid wood

  • Other characteristics:



Stone Satres Column is a decorative product that can be used both for interior and exterior applications. The use of stone columns can be seen in the early development of the human civilization with various architectural styles for building temples. Although it is still in use up to date for decoration and landscaping .

The stone Satres columns are produced from limestone Satres in two different heights 212cm and 132cm and the surface is bush hammered. The corbels height is 26cm while the columns are available in two different sizes: 130cm and 80cm. The exact dimensions are shown in Figure.

The stone columns can be placed at the entrances of buildings or entrances of houses, on balconies, or as decoration accessories in interior design. Also they are recommended for use in landscaping and general outdoor decoration. The combination also of columns with different sizes creates a unique and beautiful effect.