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walk-behind dethatcher / electric / with gauge wheels
SC 1.3 E



  • Mobility:


  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristic:

    with gauge wheels

  • Working width:

    32 cm (12.6 in)


Scarifying maintains the quality of your lawn. The Alpina SC 1.3 E lawn scarifier removes dead material on the base of grass shoots and makes a deep groove into the soil, allowing oxygen to reach the roots and generate new shoots. Light and simple to use, this Alpinna electric scarifier is powered by a 1300 W motor and equipped with two different kits, 36 springs for lawn raking and 16 blades for soil aerating. Working depth can be set from -6 mm to +4 mm by centralized height adjustment. The grabbed thatch and moss are collected in the 40 L rear bag. Foldable handle for easy transport and storage.