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The Ceiling Tiles provide functional and lightweight interior surfaces for various public spaces. They are ideal for both suspended ceilings and vertical walls.

Custom-made ceiling tiles
Ceiling Tiles are custom-made and installed in suspended ceilings according to the customer’s dimensions. The sizes and possible perforations of the panels are agreed with the customer on a project-by-project basis.Suspended Ceiling Tiles are made of aluminum. We usually use aluminum as the material, since it is lighter than steel and very resistant to weathering. Aluminum as a material is recyclable and maintenance free and it is easy to paint in the desired tone.Alupro offers an extensive range of colors in highly durable weather resistant powder coating. Powder coating provides an UV-protected, long-lasting surface. The colors can be selected from the RAL color chart. In addition, aluminum structures can be painted with so-called washable paint to remove graffiti quickly.Our offering on suspended ceilingsBesides Ceiling Tiles, we have also other options for suspended ceiling cladding.