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Vision² provides a sophisticated and fully integrated video-capture, management and broadcast system for organizations that want a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use IP video delivery solution. At the heart of any Vision² system is one or more Master Servers.

The Vision² Master Server is an enterprise-class appliance that runs the core Vision² software. Customers can customize a Vision² system to meet their specific needs by purchasing one or more Vision² service licenses. Customers that require more services than can be managed by one Vision² Master Server can add additional servers to the system. By designating one of the Vision² Servers as the "Master" in the system, the entire Vision² system can be managed from a single web interface, even though the services are running on discrete servers.

NOTE: V2-MASTER-XX00 servers do not support the WMV Live, WMV Record, WMV Producer or WMV Reflector services.